Symmetry and Butterflies

Hope you are enjoying the summer. Recently I moved to Edinburgh and I have started visiting random things. One of the first things I wanted to see was the Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World. Butterflies are some of my favorite creatures ever. Beside their incredible beauty, I find them extremely interesting (especially the process caterpillar... Continue Reading →


Geometry & Art

During my stay in Romania this summer, just before the wedding, I was nicely walking randomly on the streets of my home town when I discover some interesting drawings just outside an art exhibition. From far away it looked like some random colors on a piece of paper, but when I got closer I was... Continue Reading →

Almost Summer

Yesterday I finally finished my last essay as a student and my excitement tended to plus infinite. I cannot believe how fast time has passed and how excited I felt. Obviously exactly after this I have started thinking about summer and what I would be doing after I completely finish university. I remember that last... Continue Reading →

Escher’s Mathematical Art

It is time for arty Wednesday and for today I thought it would be such a great idea to talk a little about Maurits Cornelis Escher. Most of you already know much about him, but I thought that it is a shame I haven't written nothing about him so far. So today is the day, be... Continue Reading →

More Maths Art

Wednesday is here, the middle of the week, just a couple of days until the weekend. In the past weeks I have done more artistic and relaxing Wednesdays and this one will be the same. Today I want to present you a Facebook page I have found recently which I totally like. They have great... Continue Reading →

Relaxing Maths Gifs

In the past weeks I have made more relaxing and artistic post for Wednesday. So, I think that after the huge Pi thing of the weekend and Monday, more relaxation is good. Firstly, I want to say thank you for all of you that have posted during the Pi Love event. There were some awesome... Continue Reading →

More Tessellation

A beautiful artistically and mathematical break for the middle of the week - I thought I would share some more tile-like patterns. A while back I have written about this artist who was spray-painting abandoned buildings, but not in the usual way (Floors of Derelict Building with Tile-Like Patterns).  Javier de Riba is back with beautiful patterns which... Continue Reading →

Math Educational Carnival #95

Excitement!! The MTaP Math Educational Blog Carnival is at its 95 issue and I am extremely excited to host it. Moreover, February is one of my favorite months so I am extra excited for the opportunity. First thing, let us think a little about the interesting properties of the number 95: It is a Thabit Number. In... Continue Reading →

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