April Favorites

Last day of April today and it is the perfect day of a monthly favorites. This month has proven to be quite hard for me. From 18th I didn't have internet at home and for the first time I realized how dependent I am on this thing. Absolutely everything I do is on the internet,... Continue Reading →

March Favorites

I cannot believe how fast this month has passed. Many things happened this month (good and bad) and many small projects, which were a success from my point of view. It was a productive month, but also a little tiring for me, but I think it was worth it. Before going to the favorites I... Continue Reading →

February Favorites

I cannot believe this month has gone so fast, time is flying very fast. Anyway, I am quite excited for the things that happened this month. Probably you have observed that this month I went back to writing once every 2 days or so because of the event Modern Mathematics and I believe it was... Continue Reading →

January Favorites

Is that time of the month. I just want to say that I loved absolutely everything that this month has given me and it is right. It was a hard, but beautiful month with many incredible projects on the go and new ideas on the horizon. But, let us start with the favorites: 1. Favorite... Continue Reading →

December Favorites

A little behind with this one, but I thought that it's never quite late to write it ^_^ In general December is my favorite month of the year and tried to make this one special with the extra event History of Mathematics, which I hope you all enjoyed. I had lots of fun and I... Continue Reading →

November Favorites

December is tomorrow. I think I am more excited about this than I was in a long time. November went extremely slow for me, I had so many stressful things going on and I think you could see that by the posts I have put on this blog (not all of them were incredibly mathematical,... Continue Reading →

October Favorites

I cannot believe that I am write this post, sometimes time goes to fast, extremely fast. This month has been quite an interesting one and really beautiful. This month I have done a lot of things and I am happy to say that I finally had time to launch my small project "Maths Class Everywhere".... Continue Reading →

September’s Favorite

September is finished and it went so incredibly fast... This month has been very chaotic for me: masters, work and daily life, so overwhelming sometimes (check School and Everyday Life) but I am proud to say that my organisation ideas are working and I have been posting every other day. I cannot tell you how... Continue Reading →

August’s Favorites

August is over and I cannot believe that my summer holiday just ended with this. I had such a great summer ^_^ I am so glad for everything that happened this month. Most of the month I was home in Romania, as you probably know from my post Going Home - Romania. With this my... Continue Reading →

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