Edinburgh International Science Festival

From 31st March to 15th April, we are welcoming you to the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the 30th edition of an annual two-week Festival. This year, the theme for the Festival is Life, the Universe and Everything, "contemplating and celebrating the wonder and diversity of life in all its forms, on Earth and beyond, asking where we... Continue Reading →


Free Online Course: Introduction to Cryptology

Last year in January we started our first free online course. It was an interesting experience and we learnt a lot from it. Therefore, this year we are coming back with another series of free courses. First one will be Introduction to Cryptology and will start on the 12th February. Today, I wanted to share... Continue Reading →

2017 in Review

Every single time I start an end of the year post I want to talk about how fast the year has passed. For this year, I don't really feel like that. This year has been quite long for me and full of events. With this in mind, I want to thank everyone that helped and... Continue Reading →

What are we teaching for?

These couple of weeks have been quite controversial for me. I don't want to get into this "hard life" and "hard job" thing; I am grateful for the things I have. Also, I have worked my ass of for this, so I will not give up. Anyway, in August I have started teaching in a... Continue Reading →

Website Launch

Do I have to say how excited I am for this?!! Hopefully you understand my happiness. It took us around 4 months to plan and design this. Finally, I can share it with everyone and talk a little about it. First and the most important part is that I am not alone anymore. It feels... Continue Reading →

Random talk

There has been a while since I just stopped for a second and tell you what I have been doing recently. Last 2 months have been extremely busy for me and you can see that by how much I have posted on this blog. So, I thought about writing a random small life update. First... Continue Reading →

Spectra – Festival of Light & Mathematics

The city I live in, Aberdeen, has organized a Festival of Light this weekend. They describe it as "an exciting family event bringing light to the depths of winter while celebrating Aberdeen's creative past, present and future". My description is a little different: an exciting family event showcasing great mathematical applications from art and light&sound... Continue Reading →

2016 – You were Long

Of course last year I wrote 2016 Resolutions and I thought it was but fair to tell you how many of those things actually happened and how good I was with accomplishing my "resolutions". First on my list was "blog post every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday". For the start of the year, I was incredibly good at... Continue Reading →

My Last Shopping Day

I have never wrote a post like this, but I thought it is the right time to this because in the past month (especially during my October holiday) I have bought quite a lot of interesting maths related items, which I think you would be interested to know about. Expect a couple of books!!! During... Continue Reading →

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