Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Recently I did one similar post with gift ideas for mathematicians and it was fun making it. Therefor, I thought I would do one for teachers, now that I am one. Hope you will enjoy it: 1. Stationery. I never believed I would become so obsessed with stationery before. They kind of looked good before, but... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Mathematician

It is that time of the year when everyone is thinking at Christmas presents. So, I thought I could help some of you (or your partners/friends/family) with some ideas for this Christmas. Without further explanations, let us start the list: 1. Books!!! Books!! And more BOOKS!! Don't be surprised, every mathematician loves a good book. At... Continue Reading →

Vampire Numbers

This year I am planning a quite interesting Halloween day. I have already started searching for inspiration for my classroom and I am extremely excited for everything. I will write a blog post about this very soon, stay tuned. All this excitement of mine has transformed into another campaign on Teespring called Vampire Numbers. If... Continue Reading →

Zero Breaks the Rules

I wanted to announce my first Campaign on Teespring: Zero. The idea of the campaign is to celebrate the importance of Zero in mathematics. Nowadays it is hard to imagine that Zero was not always considered a number and all the problems this thing might involve. The official description of the campaign is: Show that... Continue Reading →

Back to Work

I am so happy to be back at blogging and writing about maths. I had quite a long break this time, but you will understand more in the future posts. I have a couple of posts about my summer adventures in the draft section, so stay tuned for more. Today I am not going to... Continue Reading →

Almost Summer

Yesterday I finally finished my last essay as a student and my excitement tended to plus infinite. I cannot believe how fast time has passed and how excited I felt. Obviously exactly after this I have started thinking about summer and what I would be doing after I completely finish university. I remember that last... Continue Reading →

Spring Gifts

I have partnered with Redbubble to give you some great spring gift ideas for those in love with mathematics. For those of you that do not know, Redbubble is a great creative  community and marketplace on the interlink. There you can find unique and impossibly brilliant t-shirts, heart-stopping wall art, attention grabbing iPhone cases or... Continue Reading →

More Pi

First day of the event Pi Love was a great success. Thank you everyone had shared images, articles and videos, I am extremely excited to see so much excitement and collaboration from your side. It is great! Keep your enthusiasm up ^_^ Today, I thought I would share some funny and random things that people... Continue Reading →

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