Review of the Course: “The Science of Learning”

I just finished the course "The Science of Learning" offered by the National STEM Learning Center. I have never done a course review, but I thought this course offers me a good opportunity to try it. First of all this is a free course from Future Learn. I have recently wrote a blog post on... Continue Reading →


Monument Valley for Escher Fans

Since I first heard about Escher I have been a huge fan of his. His art fascinates me. His understanding of infinities, symmetry and other mathematical concepts has made me love and understand mathematics even more. The way he represents mathematical concepts in his art is incredible. In the past I have written and shared... Continue Reading →

Sequential Math

As you probably know already, April is the month of Math in Comics. So, in the next blog posts you will find out more about different comics I enjoyed reading recently. Today, I will talk about Sequential Math. Generally speaking, this is a comic series covering concepts and theories in advanced, university-level mathematics. Each self-contained comic... Continue Reading →

Reading App

If you are a member of the LThMath Book Club on Goodreads you already know that we have been reading "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin A. Abbott. The book turned up to be a great holiday read for me - I will be writing a review for it at the end of January.... Continue Reading →

Negative Numbers in Real Life

In the past weeks I have worked with negative numbers with most of my classes. To my surprise, I have realized that most of them had absolutely no idea where we use negative numbers. Therefor, I have decided to create this inforgraphic. Let me know what you think: Hope you enjoy these infographics because I... Continue Reading →

What are we teaching for?

These couple of weeks have been quite controversial for me. I don't want to get into this "hard life" and "hard job" thing; I am grateful for the things I have. Also, I have worked my ass of for this, so I will not give up. Anyway, in August I have started teaching in a... Continue Reading →

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