Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Recently I did one similar post with gift ideas for mathematicians and it was fun making it. Therefor, I thought I would do one for teachers, now that I am one. Hope you will enjoy it: 1. Stationery. I never believed I would become so obsessed with stationery before. They kind of looked good before, but... Continue Reading →

A little Halloween Vibe

Halloween is tomorrow and probably most of you have already celebrated this in a way or another. Because tomorrow is a school day I thought about sharing 2 interesting numbers facts that just go perfectly for Halloween. When I saw that Halloween is going to be on a Monday I got very excited because I... Continue Reading →

What if?

There are a couple of things that changed in my life recently which made my reconsider my life and how I perceive the things around me. Therefore, I wanted to talk about one of the most important questions out there: what if?. Thinking about my day to day life I am not really a big fan... Continue Reading →

Graphical method for Teaching Maths

This post is inspired by one of the workshops I participated at the One-Day Conference for the Teachers of Secondary Mathematics. The workshop was about how Singapore students are taught to use some sort of graphical method to solve increasingly complex problems such as ratio, percentage change or simultaneous equations. This method is called the... Continue Reading →

First Week of School

School started on 15th August in Scotland and on that day I have also started my first year of Secondary Teacher. I think you can imagine how nervous I was on that day and how scared I was about everything. Now that the second week is starting tomorrow, I cannot say that I am better,... Continue Reading →

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