Pascal’s Triangle

In the next days you will see more posts on Blaise Pascal and his work. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing some research on him and his work. For this post I decided to share with you some great articles about Pascal's Triangle and how you can use it in... Continue Reading →

Maths Posters

In Scotland, the school year finishes at the end of May and then at the beginning of June they start the next school year. For me it was a little counter intuitive first, but I am going with the flow on this aspect. Anyway, in the last lesson I had with some of my S1... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Recently I did one similar post with gift ideas for mathematicians and it was fun making it. Therefor, I thought I would do one for teachers, now that I am one. Hope you will enjoy it: 1. Stationery. I never believed I would become so obsessed with stationery before. They kind of looked good before, but... Continue Reading →

A little Halloween Vibe

Halloween is tomorrow and probably most of you have already celebrated this in a way or another. Because tomorrow is a school day I thought about sharing 2 interesting numbers facts that just go perfectly for Halloween. When I saw that Halloween is going to be on a Monday I got very excited because I... Continue Reading →

What if?

There are a couple of things that changed in my life recently which made my reconsider my life and how I perceive the things around me. Therefore, I wanted to talk about one of the most important questions out there: what if?. Thinking about my day to day life I am not really a big fan... Continue Reading →

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