Spirals in Nature

Recently, I have written a couple of posts on mathematics found in nature and I just wanted to continue with this topic. For today I decided to write more about some interesting spirals that can be found in nature. 1. Logarithmic Spiral - generally speaking, this is a self-similar spiral curve. This property is used often... Continue Reading →


September Favorites

I haven't done favorites since last year... I really miss them and thinking about September, I feel that I should really talk about it because it has been on of my favorite month of the year in terms of productivity. NEW THINGs There were so many things that started this month and I am extremely excited... Continue Reading →

Reading Book Club

Hope you are enjoying September so far. For me this is the best month to start reading again and I am very excited to announce that I have started a Reading Book Club. In this post I want to tell you a couple of things about this book club and how you can become a... Continue Reading →

Books Wish List

Summer is over... that is not necessary a bad thing. I really enjoy Autumn; it is one of best seasons to start reading excessively. Summer is always a little to hot and I always want to just go outside and walk randomly or visit as many places as possible. But when Autumn is approaching I... Continue Reading →

Website Launch

Do I have to say how excited I am for this?!! Hopefully you understand my happiness. It took us around 4 months to plan and design this. Finally, I can share it with everyone and talk a little about it. First and the most important part is that I am not alone anymore. It feels... Continue Reading →

John Napier – at the Museum

As promised in my last Visiting Edinburgh post, here is the post about John Napier. This summer holiday, I have spent a little bit of time in the National Museum of Scotland. I was very surprise to find out something about John Napier in there. I have read about him being born in Scotland, but... Continue Reading →

Visiting Edinburgh part 2

No surprise for another post on the beauties of Edinburgh. Since I have moved here I have the feeling I acted more like a tourist than anything else. Of course I had to share some of my favorite images. Let me know if you have ever visited Edinburgh and what is your favorite place.  ... Continue Reading →

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