Mathemagic: Exploring Sudoku and Other Magic Squares

Hello everyone! Today we are collaborating with Judee Shipman from to show you an interesting and creative math-activity to use in class. Enjoy! Grade Level: 6th & up;  Objective: This activity explores the properties and uses of “magic squares.” The purpose of this activity is for pupils to experiment with magic square design while... Continue Reading →


Negative Numbers in Real Life

In the past weeks I have worked with negative numbers with most of my classes. To my surprise, I have realized that most of them had absolutely no idea where we use negative numbers. Therefor, I have decided to create this inforgraphic. Let me know what you think: Hope you enjoy these infographics because I... Continue Reading →

What are we teaching for?

These couple of weeks have been quite controversial for me. I don't want to get into this "hard life" and "hard job" thing; I am grateful for the things I have. Also, I have worked my ass of for this, so I will not give up. Anyway, in August I have started teaching in a... Continue Reading →

4 Android Apps for learning Mathematics

With all these advancements in technology in the past years, learning or teaching mathematics can be even more accessible to the general public. There are a lot of Apps that help with different aspects of mathematics, from easy practice with basic operations to more complex branches like probability. In this post, I will share my... Continue Reading →

Great Fractal Art by Paul Griffitts

I have talked about fractals multiple times before. Also, you probably know how much I enjoy discovering new artist in this domain. This post will be all about Paul Griffitts' work. Fractals have been a source of inspiration for many artists since they were first described by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975. The well-known property of self-similarity... Continue Reading →

Spirals in Nature

Recently, I have written a couple of posts on mathematics found in nature and I just wanted to continue with this topic. For today I decided to write more about some interesting spirals that can be found in nature. 1. Logarithmic Spiral - generally speaking, this is a self-similar spiral curve. This property is used often... Continue Reading →

September Favorites

I haven't done favorites since last year... I really miss them and thinking about September, I feel that I should really talk about it because it has been on of my favorite month of the year in terms of productivity. NEW THINGs There were so many things that started this month and I am extremely excited... Continue Reading →

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