Alan Turing – a short chronology

We are very happy to announce that we are relaunching our course "Introduction to Cryptology". Cryptology is the key that lets us communicate from one end of the world to another, it allows us to exchange anything from messages to photos and even money in a relative safe and secure manner; and all of these has... Continue Reading →

A History of Mathematics| February

February has been a great, relaxing month for us. We have started some interesting projects and we are also going over some old projects of ours that need to be updated. We are happy about how we managed to stay on top of the History of Mathematics facts. I cannot believe this is our 7th... Continue Reading →

Women in Mathematics Calendar

In the past 5 months we have been sharing on social media (mostly on Facebook) different historical facts about mathematics and mathematicians - Today in the History of Mathematics. We have been sharing these posts as full months reviews: A History of Mathematics| January; A History of Mathematics| December; A History of Mathematics | November; A... Continue Reading →

February – March Book Choice

Recently we have been reorganizing our LThMath Book Club. The whole idea behind it is to read and discuss books with other people. We are happy that the Goodreads Club is steadily growing. We also have a Facebook Group with the same idea as the Goodreads one. Hope you all enjoy the idea. Due to this... Continue Reading →

Australian Mathematicians

At the start of January we wanted to do something on our Facebook page to raise awareness about all the problems Australia has been through in the last period. We were shocked at the situation there.  For 2 weeks we researched and wrote more about Australian mathematicians and their work. In addition, each post has... Continue Reading →

A History of Mathematics| December

December has been a busy month for us and we haven't shared that many interesting facts from the history of mathematics, but they are still really interesting. We have been doing this for four months already (August, September, October and November) and it is a great way to find out more about some great mathematicians,... Continue Reading →

2020 – Interesting Facts

Starting the year with a short post about some interesting numbers facts about 2020. I have done a very similar post for 2018 and 2019. I thought I will start the year with the same vibe. Number 2020 is an even number and a composite one. It is the product of 3 primes: 2×2×5×101. Due... Continue Reading →

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