Books I have read in 2018

For me 2018 has been an incredible year for reading. I have read a lot of fiction books, but I managed to squiz some math related books as well. All thanks to the LThMath Book Club and all of you that voted and left recommendations there. In this short post I just want to speak... Continue Reading →


2019 – Interesting Number

Starting the year with a short post about some interesting numbers facts about 2019. I have done a very similar post for 2018 last year and I thought I will start the year with the same vibe. I also discovered that 2018 and 2019 have some things in common and that was really interesting to... Continue Reading →

“Taming the Infinite” by Ian Stewart | Book Review

If you have been following me on Instagram or Goodreads, you probably know that I have been reading "Taming the Infinite" by Ian Stewart. This was the book chosen in the LThMath Book Club on Goodreads for the August-September reading challenge. Overview This book review is split into different parts for your convenience. General description Chapters For non-mathematicians For mathematicians... Continue Reading →

Carnival of Mathematics #164

Welcome to the 164th Carnival of Mathematics and December! If you don't know by now (Are you living under a rock or something?) the Carnival of Mathematics is organized by the Aperiodical. I hope you have a hot chocolate cup ready and maybe some Christmas tunes - everything ready to dive in some very interesting mathematics. Before that, let... Continue Reading →

Day 8 | Studying Logic

My days of studying logic are continuing. I find it very refreshing to spend around 20 minutes from time to time and learn something new. In today’s video you will see how I struggle with some problems and also start studying the biconditional ("if and only if"). Finally, I got to do some more complicated... Continue Reading →

Kashmira for the Inspirational Corner

Welcome to October - an exciting month for all those lovers of spooky activities and Halloween. Also, welcome to the forth post for the Inspirational Corner. I am very happy to see how many lovely people have taken some time to answer our questions and share their passion for mathematics. Hope you enjoyed our third... Continue Reading →

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