Sequential Math

As you probably know already, April is the month of Math in Comics. So, in the next blog posts you will find out more about different comics I enjoyed reading recently. Today, I will talk about Sequential Math. Generally speaking, this is a comic series covering concepts and theories in advanced, university-level mathematics. Each self-contained comic... Continue Reading →


What happened in March?

Hope you all had a great March! Generally speaking, March has been a wonderful and interesting month for me. In this post  I will talk about some personal struggles, my experience of being a teacher and other projects or events related to LThMath (social media and more). Hope you enjoyed the February post; if there is... Continue Reading →

First Woman in …

Today, I wanted to talk about some of the women in mathematics that were first in a specific domain or aspect of mathematics. This idea came from one of my infographic you have seen in my previous post. Enjoy! First woman in Europa to hold a doctorate in mathematics summa cum laude and first woman appointed to... Continue Reading →

Fierce Women

Recently I found out about an interesting game with a great campaign behind it. The card game "Fierce Women", which celebrates women's contributions to society in the fields of human rights, science, art, culture, politics, and feminism. The game was created by the Croatian NGO 'Commonzone'. You can get your copy by donating to the crowdfunding campaign Fierce... Continue Reading →

Great Women in Mathematics

This week I finally did some infographic designs inspired by all the women in mathematics I have talked about so far this month. I have to say that this topic has been one of the most interesting topics so far. I am very happy I decided to spend a full month reading more about these... Continue Reading →

5 Great Books about Women in Mathematics

All of March, I will write about different aspects related to women in mathematics, how they have influenced mathematics and the world around them. Therefore, today I will talk about 5 great books about women in mathematics. Enjoy! Hidden Figures: The Untold Story of the African-American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh International Science Festival

From 31st March to 15th April, we are welcoming you to the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the 30th edition of an annual two-week Festival. This year, the theme for the Festival is Life, the Universe and Everything, "contemplating and celebrating the wonder and diversity of life in all its forms, on Earth and beyond, asking where we... Continue Reading →

What happened in February?

From the start of the year, I decided to write a new type of blog post. At the end of every month I will write a short post about different things that happened that month. I will talk about some personal struggles, my experience of being a teacher and other projects or events related to... Continue Reading →

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