Emmy Noether for November

Under the twitter banner of #Noethember, initiated by Constanza Rojas-Molina, an international drawing challenge themed around mathematician Emmy Noether was organised in November, 2018. The project resulted in a huge number of drawings and a warm feeling among those who participated. For 30 days, people across Twitter shared their sketches illustrating facts about Noether’s life... Continue Reading →

Topic #3: Women in Mathematics

Every month in March (due to the 8th of March - International Women's Day) I also write about great women in mathematics. This year, I have chosen 10 awesome ones, including my all time favourite - Emmy Noether. What people have inspired you to study mathematics? Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton, born on 28 April 1854,... Continue Reading →

Topic #2: Adding Machines

A lot of things have change about studying mathematics and other domains that involve number calculations when people have started developing adding machines. From understanding adding machines and developing new mechanism, people have constructing the computers we all use nowadays. I have chosen 4 adding machines that made an impact in the development of this... Continue Reading →

E. Ozie for the Inspirational Corner

What is your name? Where are you from? Give us a little background story. E. Ozie. I am a Nigerian-American Mechanical Engineering student and author. I enjoy creating things whether it be a painting, writing a book, or creating a song. I became interested in engineering because I like designing things and know there is... Continue Reading →

Akshay Thakur for the Inspirational Corner

What is your name? Where are you from? Give us a little background story. My name is Akshay Thakur. I am from a hilly state called Himachal Pradesh in India. I completed my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from a federal college, NIT Hamirpur. I have worked on various projects related to Fluid Mechanics, both numerical... Continue Reading →

Topic #1: Numbers

Before developing any complex mathematical theorems or theory in general, people had to understand and use numbers. You might think that this is an easy concept to understand, but philosophers have been arguing for a while about them. The big question is if the concept of numbers exists outside of our cultures and brain. Are... Continue Reading →

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