Topic #1: Numbers

Before developing any complex mathematical theorems or theory in general, people had to understand and use numbers. You might think that this is an easy concept to understand, but philosophers have been arguing for a while about them. The big question is if the concept of numbers exists outside of our cultures and brain. Are... Continue Reading →

Multicultural Mathematics | Book Recommendations

Recently we shared a book on the mathematical developments of the Native Americans. We thought to present some book recommendations about how mathematical ideas were developed in different cultures. As David Hilbert has said "Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country". Enjoy!

Counting on Katherine| Book Review

Last year, I have read one little book for children about Katherine Johnson. This is the first children book I have read since I was a child and it felt very refreshing and beautiful. So, let us speak about "Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson put Astronouts on the Moon" by Helaine Becker*. Overview This... Continue Reading →

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