Thinkster Maths – a new way of Teaching Mathematics

I have decided to start another type of posts recently. These are mostly related to learning and teaching mathematics. With all this technology around us, it was just obvious that people will start to find new interesting ways to teach mathematics, help and inspire pupils everywhere around the glob. The best thing is that everyone,... Continue Reading →


Learn to be a Teacher part 8

Some time passed since I last posted a post on my experience in school during my Masters (PGDE) and I thought that it is time I do some reflection on one of my lessons and share it with you all. For this one, I won't be talking about one of those great lessons, but one... Continue Reading →

Paper Folding

Today, I wanted to write about an app which I have discovered a while ago, but didn't use it that much so that I could write something about it. Now I feel that I can talk nicely about it and share my opinion about it. I am talking about the game: Paperama. This game is... Continue Reading →

Letters for You

A while ago I have written this post World Post Day, where I have shared some of my letters. Thus, I have decided to write another letter related post and also to encourage you to use the application Lettrs. They have changed the way you understand nowadays letters and even if you feel that letters... Continue Reading →

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

I know that most of this month, so far, was more about the Mathematicians' Event and I believe sometimes it is to much, even if I love this event a lot. So I decided to do something completely new today: talk about a game. Maybe you do not know already but I am a big... Continue Reading →

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