Jewelry for a Mathematician | AD

Recently I have been surfing the internet for some great, unique accessories I could wear which could show my love for mathematics. You know I like these kind of small details and I realized I do not have something like this in my life. After a little research I discovered SCIENCE INSPIRED JEWELRY BY SOMERSAULT18:24.  ... Continue Reading →


Transform your holiday into a Maths – Camp

Recently I have posted about my holiday to Romania and what I have visited there. During that journey I have thought at different things that could have transformed it into a maths related one. I feel that every holiday could become a maths-camp if you can find the right questions and use your creativity and... Continue Reading →

Chaos Theory Day

First day was Topology, now it is the time for Chaos Theory. Hope you are enjoying the event as much as I do. Keep yourself curious and chaotic for today: Chaos theory is the field of study in mathematics that studies the behavior and condition of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions—a... Continue Reading →

Mathematicians of January

January brought nice surprises to me. I had no idea that two of my favorite mathematicians are born in January and also the birthdays are so close to each other in term of days, obviously not years. Moreover, I have found another interesting mathematician (new to me) which was also born in January. So I... Continue Reading →

Mathematics and Comics

A small recommendation for Sunday. I have always liked comics and I enjoyed those comic magazines from a young age. I used to love those superhero or fairies/witches stories and my parents had to pay attention to when a new number appeared, otherwise I would extremely angry if I missed something. Reading and having comic... Continue Reading →

Mathematics and Love

We are extremely extremely close to 14th February - Valentine's Day. And I thought that talking or, more precisely, presenting some of the more beautiful and interesting mathematics concepts that have to do with love. 1. Graphs - I will start with this with hearts, but not those boring or to artistic drawings of heart such... Continue Reading →

Abstract Maths

These days someone shared an interesting article with me on Facebook (When Even Mathematicians Don't Understand the Math) and I was impressed and it made me consider a lot of things. It is an article from 2004, but still I consider it to be even more true now than then. I have a question for... Continue Reading →

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