Math Educational Carnival #95

Excitement!! The MTaP Math Educational Blog Carnival is at its 95 issue and I am extremely excited to host it. Moreover, February is one of my favorite months so I am extra excited for the opportunity. First thing, let us think a little about the interesting properties of the number 95: It is a Thabit Number. In... Continue Reading →

Doing Research on a Subject

I thought that this would be a good way to finish the event Modern Mathematics. Thank you everyone who participated and helped me find out more about the topics and improve my mathematical knowledge. I have to confess that most of the things were new to me and it was very interesting to find out... Continue Reading →

The Mathematics of Tomorrow

I think it is fair enough to make a post on the new event I have in mind... Modern Mathematics is another Facebook event I am preparing for February. Don't get romantic because this doesn't have anything to do with 14th February, it is an event which could open our eyes on some of the... Continue Reading →

2016 Resolutions

I believe that most of us have resolutions for 2016 and I find them really natural. Almost every year from 1st January until 5th January I think about what I would like to do in 2016, I go through my Agenda, I schedule things, mark birthdays I shouldn't forget about and any other important events.... Continue Reading →

A Cosy Evening

This is just a small post for a cosy Sunday evening. I have decided to ask you a couple of questions, just to know what else you would like to read more and also to let you know about some of the projects I have in mind for the next period. 1. You know I... Continue Reading →

Math Teachers at Play #90

Welcome to the 90th edition of Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) Blog Carnival! I am so excited to host this carnival again. MTaP is a monthly blog carnival with a collection of tips, games, and activities for teachers and students. It is always great fun to participate in anyway to this Carnival ^_^ Before starting the... Continue Reading →

Update ^_^

I thought I will give you a short update on all the things happening and ideas for future projects. Hope you will help me with advice or you will get involved. This month I am hosting the the Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) Education Carnival. So excited... If you have written something interesting about maths in... Continue Reading →

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

So excited that I have been nominated by Iva Sallay from for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Never thought that this would be possible. Thank you very very much ^_^ Extremely excited ^_^ Find the factors is an interesting blog, where you can see the beauty of numbers together with other interesting things. I like the idea that for... Continue Reading →

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