One Day in Stirling

Yesterday I was at my first Mathematical Association Secondary Education One-Day Conference at University of Stirling and it was a great experience. In this post I will make a short description of what I did there with further posts about the maths in the following 2 weeks. Enjoy! First I have to say that this... Continue Reading →

Traveling in Romania

I thought about sharing more about my holiday to Romania. This time I will talk about a couple of things I have visited during my stay there. As you can imagine the post will be full of images and I will do my best to tell you more about those places. The first images are... Continue Reading →

Enjoying Life

Last year when I went to Romania I wrote a similar post about my experience and how I have spent my time home (Going Home - Romania). So, I thought it is but fair to write another one this year. First of all I have to say that it was not a proper 100% holiday... Continue Reading →

Visiting Amsterdam like a Mathematician

After the last post on what things to see if you are a maths lover in Amsterdam, today I thought about talking about more subtle things that can be found there if you are mathematician. Again I want to thank Donovan Carroll - a freelance mathematics teacher, who has started a great project called Math in... Continue Reading →

What a Mathematician should see in Amsterdam

First of all I have to say that I am extremely excited for the next posts related to what a mathematician could see/visit/explore in Amsterdam. All these posts are made with the help of and in collaboration with Donovan Carroll - a freelance mathematics teacher based in Amsterdam - who has started a great project called... Continue Reading →

Visiting Egypt like a Mathematician

I am trying something a little different for this travel related blog post. I have never presented a country in a post like this, but I think this will be mighty exciting. With no further introduction let us start the post: Ancient Egypt has a long history of mathematical concepts and great mathematicians. It is... Continue Reading →

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