Traveling in Romania

I thought about sharing more about my holiday to Romania. This time I will talk about a couple of things I have visited during my stay there. As you can imagine the post will be full of images and I will do my best to tell you more about those places.

The first images are made random while driving through the mountains. There view is quite beautiful. For those of you that want to know more, the two lakes photographed are Lake Izvorul Muntelui and Lake Bezid. Both lakes have interesting stories so I totally recommend you read a little bit about them.

The first thing we have visited are the ruins of the Princes Palace or the Knyaz Palace. For better understanding of the concept, it is better to mention that Knyaz or knez is a historical Slavic title, used both as a royal and noble title, usually translated into English either as Prince or less commonly as Duke.  The history of these ruins starts around 1600 when the ruled at that time decided to build a small fortified church. The Cantacuzino nobles family, who enters in the possession of the church, shall extend the fortifications by adding cellars and tunnels under the mountain dedicated to the run away in case of attack.

The Palace has a lot of legends tied to it. One of the most interesting one talks about the end of the Cantacuzino family. The priests say that the tragic end of this family has been caused by a curse, put on them after they have sent away the monks from the church and made a palace for them.

Next is the Praid Salt Mine, which is one of the biggest salt mines in Europe and I have to say it is quite impressive. I have not put many photos from it bellow, but I totally recommend you read more about it (Praid Salt Mine – a must see objective in Transylvania).

I think some of you already know my passion for butterflies from an old post of mine, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary (and after 2 years, I am still playing that game ^_^ ). Therefore, we had to go and see a Butterfly House and I was mesmerized by the place.

For this next one I wish I had more photos because it was a great place. For the first time in my life I visited a Straw Hat Museum (the only one in the country). The museum has displayed a whole room with different types of straw hats from all around the country. I had an idea about the process of making a straw hat, but at this experience improved my knowledge a lot. Also there you can see and try the country’s biggest straw hat (of course I tried it and it is quite hard to hold it – impossible without using your hands). The hats diagonal is 2 meter, and it weights 2, 65 kg. I advise you look for more images from this museum.

Next we visited and stayed for a couple of the days in Sovata ( a small town situated in the central part of Romania).  The most interesting aspect of this town is the Lake Bear. The geological events in 1875 gave birth to this lake, which is unique in Europe, its water being helio-thermal and salty, with well-known therapeutic effects. We also visited the region as a whole and did a little bit of hiking. The region has many things to offer to different types of tourists and it was great fun.

The last thing on this list is the well – known city: Sighisoara. The city has a long history which starts somewhere in the 12th century. At that time the territory was part of the Kingdom of Hungary and the king at that time invited German craftsmen and merchants to settle and defend the frontier of his realm. The city played an important strategic and commercial role at the edges of Central Europe for several centuries. The German artisans and craftsmen dominated the urban economy, as well as building the fortifications protecting it. It is estimated that during the 16th and 17th centuries Sighișoara had as many as 15 guilds and 20 handicraft branches.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of long post about the things I have visited during my stay in Romania. Let me know how your holiday has been? Have a wonderful day and a great start of the weekend.

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