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2nd July 2015


It is time I edit the ‘About me’ – page. There are 2 years since I last edited it ^_^. Recently I was asked to write an entry for the page Women in Maths. Here it is:

“As a child I was always considered to be good at math, but it wasn’t my priority. It was just a subject I understood faster and a little better than the others. I never wanted to go to competitions not only because I considered them irrelevant, but also because I only knew boys who were going and they were preparing so much that I thought it would be impossible for me to cope with the amount of workload required. During high school I wanted to study architecture at the university, but it didn’t work. I realised I don’t like it that much and I was confused about my future a lot. At this moment my parents asked me the most important question at that time: “What is the thing you feel most comfortable doing?” It took me a while to realise that mathematics was the answer. I was doing math problems whenever I felt sad, lonely or even happy and excited. And in that time, it was a unique world: only me and my math book were part of it.
So, I decided to study mathematics. A lot of people around me were shocked, saying that by studying math I will have no future, that it is a useless university subject (career wise). At this point I should mention that I am from Romania and I applied for mathematics at University of Bucharest. My 1st year there was hard and confusing, I still had the feeling that after finishing university I will be a lost cause. Shortly after, I had the opportunity to go and study at University of Aberdeen, in Scotland.
Another university, another country, another language. Everything was new and different, but coming here I realised there is more about mathematics after finishing university. I engaged in a lot of summer schools, conferences and seminars. But I still did not know what I want to do after I graduate. Sometimes, I keep getting the same reaction from people around me that ‘mathematics is something hard and horrible’ as if ‘MATH = mental abuse to humans’.
And then one day I realised: what I really want to do is change people’s attitude about mathematics. So I started a blog: Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes and then a Facebook page. I don’t want only to explain math concepts (school level ones), but also to show the importance of math to our society (my motto: `The study of mathematics is like air or water to our technological society’).
I am not a genius and I am definitely not EXTREMELY good at mathematics, but it is the only place I feel that I belong to. So I would like everyone to see the importance and the beauty of it. I may still be a student and surely I have a lot of things to learn, but I will take my ‘dream world’ with me everywhere. I may not be able to change everyone’s concept, but I will do my best to share the world – I once thought was reserved just for myself – with as many people around me as I can. “

Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible.

23rd June 2013


I am studying mathematics at University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. I have started studying mathematics since I was little and thanks to my parents I have always liked numbers, logic and most of the mathematical staff.

Born in a society where mathematics was something scary for every pupil or student, I have always wanted to prove the ones how important mathematics is to our society. The study of mathematics is like air or water to our technological society. The first people who studied mathematics and the ones who invented counting or the numbers are extremely important and for our society it’s like the invention of the wheel.

Now moved to another country and living a very different life I still consider that people should appreciate and understand more about mathematics.

imagesYou can find me on Google+ (unfortunately I am not very used with Google+ yet), Facebook (the Facebook page I update daily), Tumblr (I update it dayly and I enjoy the community, it’s fun), Twitter  (which I am not extremely good at, but doing my best) and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere ^_^

Also in case you want to discuss more math related subjects with me, this is a special email made just for you: lthmathematics@gmail.com


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    1. this is a good question, but my answer will not be extremely smart… When I left Romania, I didn’t care that much were I was going and I have chosen the place where some of my friends were accepted too. Moving so far away from my home was an important step for me and I needed my friends close to survive. Maybe to do maths is not the best uni in UK, but I am happy I ended here in the end.


  1. Hello, First of All I thank You for Your works done here…
    I love each and every posts u post…
    I m follower of Your fb Page..
    I would like to get some information regarding the subject..so would you like to help me out…?.


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