Pieces from the History of Mathematics

The early history of mathematics has always excited me. Discovering how people from the Antiquity did mathematics is incredibly interesting and satisfying. In the past months, I have done some research on this topic, especially old manuscripts. Therefore in this post I want to share my discoveries with you all. Ishango Bone In 1960, a... Continue Reading →


Calculators that Made History

Numbers are part of our daily lives and calculators have become a daily commodity. There is no phone, tablet or laptop nowadays without a calculator app on it. It has become vital to our society, but it wasn't like that all the time (of course...). Moreover, they have evolved so much from the 1642 Blaise... Continue Reading →

PAUL ERDŐS – a short chronology

Since I read "The Man who Loved only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos and the Search for Mathematical Truth" by Paul Hoffman, I have wanted to create an infographic - short chronology - on Paul Erdős. I have spent a lot of time thinking what it should include and things like that, so here is the... Continue Reading →

History of Protractors

For a while I wanted to write more about the history behind some instruments we always use during the maths class. First on the list is the protractor.  I have put this first on the list because it is one of the basic instruments used in a geometry class. As far as I know, there is... Continue Reading →

It’s Pi Weekend

This weekend will be full of Pi all over. For those of you that don't know I have organized another event on Facebook: Pi Love, where I invite people to share their love of this day in any way they like. Today I will talking about some historically interesting facts about Pi and then tomorrow will... Continue Reading →

History Facts to their Best

These posts need no more introduction ^_^ If you want to read some of the old ones: First Week of History Facts, Second Week of History Facts, History Facts next level, More on History Facts. 23rd December: The Start of Geometry The oldest suggestions of an ordered system of measurements go back to the ancient Babylonians, who... Continue Reading →

More on History Facts

As promised I will still write a couple of more posts about the interesting things I have discovered during the event: History of Mathematics in December. With nothing more to add, here are some more history facts: 16th December:  The Egyptians used a written numeration that was changed into hieroglyphic writing, which enabled them to note... Continue Reading →

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