PAUL ERDŐS – a short chronology

Since I read "The Man who Loved only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos and the Search for Mathematical Truth" by Paul Hoffman, I have wanted to create an infographic - short chronology - on Paul Erdős. I have spent a lot of time thinking what it should include and things like that, so here is the... Continue Reading →


History of Protractors

For a while I wanted to write more about the history behind some instruments we always use during the maths class. First on the list is the protractor.  I have put this first on the list because it is one of the basic instruments used in a geometry class. As far as I know, there is... Continue Reading →

It’s Pi Weekend

This weekend will be full of Pi all over. For those of you that don't know I have organized another event on Facebook: Pi Love, where I invite people to share their love of this day in any way they like. Today I will talking about some historically interesting facts about Pi and then tomorrow will... Continue Reading →

History Facts to their Best

These posts need no more introduction ^_^ If you want to read some of the old ones: First Week of History Facts, Second Week of History Facts, History Facts next level, More on History Facts. 23rd December: The Start of Geometry The oldest suggestions of an ordered system of measurements go back to the ancient Babylonians, who... Continue Reading →

More on History Facts

As promised I will still write a couple of more posts about the interesting things I have discovered during the event: History of Mathematics in December. With nothing more to add, here are some more history facts: 16th December:  The Egyptians used a written numeration that was changed into hieroglyphic writing, which enabled them to note... Continue Reading →

Three Mathematicians

This holiday season came with quite a range of birthdays and I thought I should write something about this great mathematicians celebrated this season. I find it quite beautiful that they were born so close to Christmas. Thus, I want to talk about Isaac Newton (born on 25th), Charles Babbage (born on 26th) and John... Continue Reading →

History Facts next level

I hope you had a great Christmas for those that celebrated, or a great holiday and some relaxing time. I just realized that I haven't posted about the event: History Facts in December. I found the time to post daily and I am quite happy by your excitement and appreciation. So here are 5 more... Continue Reading →

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