PAUL ERDŐS – a short chronology

Since I read "The Man who Loved only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdos and the Search for Mathematical Truth" by Paul Hoffman, I have wanted to create an infographic - short chronology - on Paul Erdős. I have spent a lot of time thinking what it should include and things like that, so here is the... Continue Reading →


Quotes by Paul Erdős

After reading "The Man who Loved only Numbers" by Paul Hoffman, I wanted to create an infographic on some great quotes by Paul Erdős. He has been as inspiration for many mathematicians through the years.  While reading the book, I found a lot of great quotes by different people and I thought it would be great if I... Continue Reading →

Mathematicians of November

November is almost finished and it was a hard cold month here in Scotland. But I don't want to talk about weather, of course. For this post I have chosen a couple of great mathematicians born in November. Enjoy! 1. George Boole (2 November 1815) was an English mathematician. First time I have heard about him was... Continue Reading →

Mathematicians born in September

As you probably know, until Christmas I have decided to substitute my monthly favorites with a post about 3 great mathematicians born in the previous month. So, because today is the 1st of October, I have decided to write a little about 3 great mathematicians born in September. Enjoy! Adrien-Marie Legendre, was born on 18th... Continue Reading →

What a Mathematician should see in Amsterdam

First of all I have to say that I am extremely excited for the next posts related to what a mathematician could see/visit/explore in Amsterdam. All these posts are made with the help of and in collaboration with Donovan Carroll - a freelance mathematics teacher based in Amsterdam - who has started a great project called... Continue Reading →

Visiting Egypt like a Mathematician

I am trying something a little different for this travel related blog post. I have never presented a country in a post like this, but I think this will be mighty exciting. With no further introduction let us start the post: Ancient Egypt has a long history of mathematical concepts and great mathematicians. It is... Continue Reading →

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