The City before Christmas

We are very close to Christmas and I thought that it would be nice to share with you some of the photos I have made around the city. As you already know (About me) I am living in Aberdeen, Scotland and before now I haven’t posted things from the city. But I thought that because Christmas is close and the city looks really nice I could share with you some photos.

The city doesn’t have a lot of decorations, but I like all of them and they make me feel really joyful :

IMG_20141215_225450 IMG_20141215_225753IMG_20141215_230347 IMG_20141215_225525IMG_20141215_230238  IMG_20141215_230632

IMG_20141215_193946Aberdeen is not really the most festive city ever, but it still has that festive air around it in this period. Also they have the Winter Festival in November and December, and everywhere are winter fairs, and firework shows and people decorate their place from 1st December and it is such a nice sensation.

IMG_20141215_225620 IMG_20141215_225631 IMG_20141215_230232And as always everyone likes some nice cozy cafe, incredible cupcakes and delicious hot chocolate:

IMG_20141216_205945 fgewtwrgIMG_20141216_210013  IMG_20141216_205958 IMG_20141216_203915_20141217014258115

I hope you enjoyed my photos and if you would like to see more posts like this about the city let me know and I would do more. I like taking photos of places around the city anyway. Also, you will find see more X-mas related posts in the next 5 days, so hope you like my mini Christmas series.

Enjoy your week before Christmas. Thank you for your support. You can find me on Facebook , TumblrGoogle+,  Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!


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