Women in Mathematics

In December, we have decided to write more about women mathematicians on our Facebook page. In this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite and most inspirational examples. With every example, I will also share some books for further reading. Maria Gaetana Agnesi - I have chosen her as the first example for... Continue Reading →


Reading App

If you are a member of the LThMath Book Club on Goodreads you already know that we have been reading "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions" by Edwin A. Abbott. The book turned up to be a great holiday read for me - I will be writing a review for it at the end of January.... Continue Reading →

Quotes by Paul Erdős

After reading "The Man who Loved only Numbers" by Paul Hoffman, I wanted to create an infographic on some great quotes by Paul Erdős. He has been as inspiration for many mathematicians through the years.  While reading the book, I found a lot of great quotes by different people and I thought it would be great if I... Continue Reading →

2018 – Interesting Number

At the start of 2018, I thought about writing a short post about some interesting numbers facts about 2018. This number is not as fun as 2017 (prime number), but I still think it has some interesting facts. 2018 is an even number (it is a multiple of 2) and a composite one. It gives... Continue Reading →

2017 in Review

Every single time I start an end of the year post I want to talk about how fast the year has passed. For this year, I don't really feel like that. This year has been quite long for me and full of events. With this in mind, I want to thank everyone that helped and... Continue Reading →

Negative Numbers in Real Life

In the past weeks I have worked with negative numbers with most of my classes. To my surprise, I have realized that most of them had absolutely no idea where we use negative numbers. Therefor, I have decided to create this inforgraphic. Let me know what you think: Hope you enjoy these infographics because I... Continue Reading →

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