What happened in May

May has been long and full of events. It hasn't been the best month of the year, but not the worst either. How was your May? 1. Teacher Life. At the start of the month, we had the maths exams (National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher). It has been a horrible period... I had so little sleep and... Continue Reading →


Studying Logic Day 1

While randomly walking around some second-hand bookshops, I found an old book on logic. On the first couple of pages, I realized I have never read a book about logic. Also, I realized that I have done just a very basic introduction at one point in high-school. Therefor, I bought the book straight away. On... Continue Reading →

Monument Valley for Escher Fans

Since I first heard about Escher I have been a huge fan of his. His art fascinates me. His understanding of infinities, symmetry and other mathematical concepts has made me love and understand mathematics even more. The way he represents mathematical concepts in his art is incredible. In the past I have written and shared... Continue Reading →

Mathematics – Invented or Discovered?

Last week I started a poll on Facebook asking everyone "Is mathematics invented or discovered?" When the poll ended, 578 people voted and the answer was 78% for discovered and 22% for invented. Besides the fact that many people have voted, a lot of them have shared their thoughts on this topic and they are... Continue Reading →

What happened in April ;)

April has been a little more emotional compared with all the other months. Also, there were more relaxing moments and less work compared with the rest of 2018. How was your April? 1. School Life: April was mostly a holiday, well just 2 weeks, but it made a big difference. Other than the Spring Holiday, April... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Favorite Comics

This month I have searched for more Comics about mathematics. Therefore, it is just obvious that I have a favorite list. Without extra comments, here are my top 5 favorite comics: 1. Andertoons by Mark Anderson - There are so many things you can find under this name. If you check his website, you will see... Continue Reading →

Sequential Math

As you probably know already, April is the month of Math in Comics. So, in the next blog posts you will find out more about different comics I enjoyed reading recently. Today, I will talk about Sequential Math. Generally speaking, this is a comic series covering concepts and theories in advanced, university-level mathematics. Each self-contained comic... Continue Reading →

What happened in March?

Hope you all had a great March! Generally speaking, March has been a wonderful and interesting month for me. In this post  I will talk about some personal struggles, my experience of being a teacher and other projects or events related to LThMath (social media and more). Hope you enjoyed the February post; if there is... Continue Reading →

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