Thinkster Maths – a new way of Teaching Mathematics

I have decided to start another type of posts recently. These are mostly related to learning and teaching mathematics. With all this technology around us, it was just obvious that people will start to find new interesting ways to teach mathematics, help and inspire pupils everywhere around the glob. The best thing is that everyone,... Continue Reading →


Pupils answer: “what is mathematics?”

At the start of the school year I have asked all my classes the following question: "what is mathematics?". I didn't expect much, but I was curious what children of ages 11 - 14 think about this. From my point of view this question doesn't have an exact answer yet. There are still many mathematicians... Continue Reading →

Pascal’s Triangle

In the next days you will see more posts on Blaise Pascal and his work. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed doing some research on him and his work. For this post I decided to share with you some great articles about Pascal's Triangle and how you can use it in... Continue Reading →

Maths Posters

In Scotland, the school year finishes at the end of May and then at the beginning of June they start the next school year. For me it was a little counter intuitive first, but I am going with the flow on this aspect. Anyway, in the last lesson I had with some of my S1... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Recently I did one similar post with gift ideas for mathematicians and it was fun making it. Therefor, I thought I would do one for teachers, now that I am one. Hope you will enjoy it: 1. Stationery. I never believed I would become so obsessed with stationery before. They kind of looked good before, but... Continue Reading →

A little Halloween Vibe

Halloween is tomorrow and probably most of you have already celebrated this in a way or another. Because tomorrow is a school day I thought about sharing 2 interesting numbers facts that just go perfectly for Halloween. When I saw that Halloween is going to be on a Monday I got very excited because I... Continue Reading →

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