March Favorites

I cannot believe how fast this month has passed. Many things happened this month (good and bad) and many small projects, which were a success from my point of view. It was a productive month, but also a little tiring for me, but I think it was worth it. Before going to the favorites I wanted to remind you of some projects I had this month: a couple of days around 8th March I have done an A – Z list of women mathematicians I have shared on Tumblr – I had great feedback on this and people requested to see more of those and Pi Love, an event on Facebook which got people to share articles/images/videos about Pi – I was pleased to see a lot of people sharing those interesting facts. Again, thank you for all your support and excitement. For the favorites:

1. Favorite quote: I have found this quote randomly and I cannot believe how good it goes with my belief about mathematics and its importance.


2. Favorite art: this month I had started to write more art-related posts on Wednesday and I have found really great pieces from people I never knew much before. For this month I believe my favorite has to be Javier de Riba with his beautiful patterns which encompass some mathematical concepts: tessellation, symmetry. Read more about his art: More Tessellation.

3. Favorite mathematician: this month it was more related to women mathematicians and I always find it very interesting to read about their work and accomplishments. It is quite encouraging and inspirational to see how they worked, struggled and succeeded in their journey. If you want to read more, check the article: International Women’s Day or the project I have mentioned about on Tumblr. My favorite one is Marie-Sophie Germain due to her ambition (because of prejudice against her gender, she was unable to make a career out of mathematics, but she worked independently throughout her life) and her dedication and enthusiasm (she gained education from books in her father’s library and from correspondence with famous mathematicians such as Lagrange, Legendre, and Gauss).


4. The most interesting thing of the month: you know my new topic idea for this post. So, for March is a type of material that can stretch in 2 directions. The patterns used for the image are quite nice, but I think this type of method could have some great applications in design/architecture – click image to read more about it:


Hope you enjoyed March and that you have read lots of great maths. Have a great week.  You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  WeHeartIt. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath 


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