Playful Math Education Carnival 124 – Playing with 2019

Welcome to the 124th edition of the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival — a smorgasbord of links to bloggers all around the internet who have great ideas for learning, teaching, and playing around with math from preschool to pre-college.

Also, welcome to the first edition of the Carnival in 2019!! With this in mind I thought I will give a different touch with some interesting, but fun number facts about the number 2019. So, let us start with some fun ideas for all of you teachers, parents – educators in general!



Every carnival needs to start with some fun for everyone. Therfore, we are starting with a post that goes perfectly with the theme of our carnival: 2019 Mathematics Game. The general rule for the game is to use the digits in the year 2019 to write mathematical expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100. Check the article to see all the tips and tricks for it and enjoy!

Who doesn’t like dominoes, especially when they are used to learn something new? In Matador Dominoes Puzzle, you can see in action how dominoes help you understand patterns and mathematics in a unique way!

Why not use a fun, creative app to help us understand abstract concepts and pattern? Monument Valley for Escher Fans shows us how a creative app can help us understand symmetry and infinity in a unique and creative way.

For the next game we have a puzzle that shows us a fun way to work with factorising – a topic that many pupils find quite hard to understand. Therefore, if you want to help kids with factoring whole numbers, so they can get to the more advanced problems in Algebra such as factorising polynomials, check Factoring Whole Numbers Puzzle Set for 4-5 Grade or the Popcorn Factoring Practice Activity.

Let us not forget the Monday puzzles by Allex Bellos that you can find on The Guargian. Check out this weeks one: Can you solve it? Gems from a mathematical wonderland – the triangle, the ants and the mystery number.



If you want to know what the Twitter community has to offer us in terms of awesome activities, you need to check Monday Must Reads: Volume 52. In fact, I recommend you all the Monday Must Reads series because it has some incredible activities.

In your search for more awesome activities to try with your children or pupils, you have to take a look at 10 fun geometry ideas to share with kids – inspired by a Jordan Ellenberg tweet for a list of interesting and useful ideas.

Recently, I discovered that there are some people who are celebrating the 100th day of teaching. It is an interesting idea and I never personally paid much attention to it, but 100 Math Ideas for the 100th Day of School has a lot of incredible ideas for activities for almost anything. I cannot recommend it enough!

Getting closer and closer to activities that are more classroom related, we have  Mathematical Miscellany #25 – full of really good classroom resources and activities.

Multiple Choice type questions can spark some debate in the teaching math group. We are still trying to figure it out if they are good in assessments or not. If you are using them in your classrooms, here is a list of some great resources: Multiple Choice Questions.



Lesson Ideas

From the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, we have Sliding into an Equitable Lesson, where a kindergarten teacher uses Gutièrrez’s Four Dimensions of Equity to design and facilitate geometry instruction.

We all teachers always think about this question: “What SMALL THING do you do in your math classroom that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE?”. In Small Change, Big Difference part 1. Why you should eliminate ‘POINT’ from your vocabulary Sara tries to answer the question giving us some very useful tips.

Continuing with an awesome idea for teaching mathematics differently: This Professor Teaches Mathematics Through Knitting. Sara Jensen, an assistant professor at Carthage College, teaches math with knitting needles and wool instead of using the traditional calculators and textbooks.


And that rounds up this edition of the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival. I hope you enjoyed the ride and those short 2019 number facts!

The next installment of the carnival for February will be hosted by Singapore Maths Tuition. If you would like to contribute, please use this handy submission form. Posts must be relevant to students or teachers of preK-12 mathematics. Older posts are welcome, as long as they haven’t been published in recent editions of this carnival.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival information page.

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