Math Educational Carnival #95

Excitement!! The MTaP Math Educational Blog Carnival is at its 95 issue and I am extremely excited to host it. Moreover, February is one of my favorite months so I am extra excited for the opportunity.


First thing, let us think a little about the interesting properties of the number 95:

  • It is a Thabit Number. In number theory, a Thabit number is an integer of the form 3 \cdot 2^n - 1 for a non-negative integer n. If we substitute n=5 we get 95;
  • It is the product of 2 primes: 5 and 19.

Now let’s start the fun. Thank you very much for all your submissions and help. Enjoy ^_^

  1. The article Parabola by Conical Section by David B presents a beautiful description of what a parabola is. Also all the article is more like an explanation and presentation of the theory, but also maintaining an interesting  vibe, too.
  2. Next we have a great lesson idea which evolved into a great math investigation game. In the article Number Squares, Ritsumei presents how a puzzle can interesting patterns hidden there. Take a look and see if you can help by discovering the equation for the patterns Ritsumei found.
  3. If by this time you are not incredibly tired of the mathematical concepts and problems presented above maybe you started to feel a little hungry. In that case the article Sneak in Learning with Snack Time Math will surely make you want to do some math while having a snack ( healthy one, of course… we are always interested into your well-being). Crystal (@Tri_Learning) explains how important it is for children to see a concept before understanding it and moving on to the abstract level. So, “Who doesn’t love math when you can eat the manipulatives” ?
  4. Moving on we have 3 very great articles written by Erin from The Usual Mayhem (@TheUsualMayhem). First article (Free task cards: area and perimeter with castle blocks) describes how she adjusts the lessons to her child’s passions. She created some interesting cards on area and perimeter using castle blocks. Next article is one I got very interested in: Mastering Math Facts with Minecraft. The title says everything and the idea is incredibly good. Also a huge big plus: the game was designed by her 13 year old daughter. In the next article, Knights and Dragons math Story, Erin presents 5 math questions tailored for her son and his love for Camelot – era. The questions are embedded into a nice math story. Enjoy!
  5. Do you love comics? Then this is the best for you. Math Misery? (@shahlock) has made another math education related comic, check Comic #43 – Messages and enjoy!
  6. Representing Fractions is a great article for class work. Reading about other teachers’ practices and lessons is quite interesting and helpful especially if you are a teacher or a parent. And Matt (@mcoaty) does a great job.
  7. How do you feel about math homework? Does your child have a boring homework? Or maybe you are a teacher that doesn’t want to give boring homework? Then Maths Insider’s (@mathsinsider) article 3 Great Strategies to Banish the Boring Math Homework Blues is your answer. Enjoy!
  8. Another article from a passionate teacher, read How to Draw the Perfect Ellipse to see how Lisa (@Lisaqt314) has found a new way to get children engaged in the lesson.
  9. The article Understanding Math: Conclusion by Denise (@letsplaymath) gives an interesting inside into why learning/teaching math instrumentally is not helpful for children and how we can change this concept. Moreover, the article is a conclusion to a 7-part series on the importance of students to understand math in a way that forms a foundation for future learning. Enjoy!

And this is the end of the Carnival. Take a look at the 94th edition for more. Hope you enjoyed it, because it was a great experience and fun. If you want to be a host click here and help us spread ‘Maths LOVE’ .

Thank you for reading. Have a great week. Wish you the best and don’t forget that maths is everywhere. ^_^

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