I didn’t wake up before 9:26 today

First thing first, I am not really a morning person and even if I really wanted to wake up and post before 9:26 ( UK time) I couldn’t do it. But the good thing is that all day I’ve read so many interesting things about Pi that I wanted to share them with you. In case you don’t know today (14th March) at 9:26 is an important (more for fun things) to celebrate the constant Pi. All around the internet people have posted so many interesting things and funny parts. I will share just a small amount of them.

From Tumblr:

  • by IBMblr a nice video about Pi. You can also find it on Instagram. It shows a representation of Pi just using the number 2.
  • a food blog Foodffs posted this fun image:   tumblr_nl7ijtDlBz1sn5m44o1_540
  • from Visualizingmath I found this article: Pi in Pop Culture (take a look it is really funny and interesting at the same time).
  • the blog TheFullerView posted this photo: tumblr_nl7e3n6x2B1qgn7e1o1_1280
  • Tjcapalla posted this so nice photo (so awesome): tumblr_nl5x18jlxT1qadgz4o1_540
  • And from Curiosa Mathematica some photos of Pi/Pies: tumblr_nl62ftAgbh1sszkooo2_500PiDay2

Now some websites/articles (old or new) about Pi:

And from Facebook (obviously ^_^ ) :

Now after I have posted so many things about Pi (and believe me I didn’t post much) I have some questions ^_^ I believe that Pi is one of the most used mathematical constant outside maths. There are so many objects that have a picture of it printed, or some digits of it, or the sign we use. And people love it. Do you think this is a good thing? Or is it just marketing? Do you think we should make such a big fuss about it or not? I am waiting for your opinions in the comment box below ^_^

And before I go eat some pie ^_^ here is a big ‘Happy Birthday!!!’ for Albert Einstein ^_^

IMG_2767 Thank you for your help and support.  Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr,  Google+,  Twitter  and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy the weekend! ^_^  

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