Transform your holiday into a Maths – Camp

Recently I have posted about my holiday to Romania and what I have visited there. During that journey I have thought at different things that could have transformed it into a maths related one. I feel that every holiday could become a maths-camp if you can find the right questions and use your creativity and... Continue Reading →


The Mathematical Beauty of Nature in a Coloring Book

I think you already know that I am a huge lover of mathematics in art, especially when the pieces of art present the mathematical connections found in nature. Thus, I go extremely excited when I heard about this new project for a coloring book. I was always a big fan of coloring books even before... Continue Reading →

More Pi

First day of the event Pi Love was a great success. Thank you everyone had shared images, articles and videos, I am extremely excited to see so much excitement and collaboration from your side. It is great! Keep your enthusiasm up ^_^ Today, I thought I would share some funny and random things that people... Continue Reading →

It’s Pi Weekend

This weekend will be full of Pi all over. For those of you that don't know I have organized another event on Facebook: Pi Love, where I invite people to share their love of this day in any way they like. Today I will talking about some historically interesting facts about Pi and then tomorrow will... Continue Reading →

Number Tricks

Most of the time I get extremely excited when I see number tricks or facts I didn't know before. A while ago, my reaction was: "why didn't my maths teacher learn me that?!!", but more recently I am saying: "Why didn't I know about it?!". Sometimes, I realize that even the maths teacher doesn't know... Continue Reading →

Number Facts are Back

With all my summer activities I was quite lazy for the number facts posts. I am quite sorry for those of you that were really into this posts. But in the past weeks I have tried to make time to write these number facts. So here are some interesting ones: 1. Number 27: It is the... Continue Reading →

May Favorites

The begging of June brings the month's favorite. And also it's summer, I'm always extremely excited for this month ^_^ This year I've decided to do another summer Facebook event: Mathematics and Summer. Also the event is related to the series 'What a Mathematician should visit'. Here is the event's description: Summer is the season... Continue Reading →

April & May Numbers

As promised in the post The Power of Organization, here is the post with the number facts I wrote this month and also last month. Hope you will find it useful and interesting. Lets get going: Number 9. Nine is a Motzkin number. In mathematics, a Motzkin number for a given number n is the... Continue Reading →

April’s Favorite

After one long day of revision for my exams I thought that write this post would relax me a lot. So, with no further explanation lets start the favorite list: 1. Favorite quote: for this quote there is no more explanation. It just shows the universality of mathematics. David Hilbert is a great mathematician and he... Continue Reading →

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