Abstract Maths

These days someone shared an interesting article with me on Facebook (When Even Mathematicians Don't Understand the Math) and I was impressed and it made me consider a lot of things. It is an article from 2004, but still I consider it to be even more true now than then. I have a question for... Continue Reading →


The Imitation Game

I have seen this movie on 28th, but waited a little to talk about it so that more of you have the opportunity to see it. This post will have some spoilers, just to let you know. I am not a movie critic, and I am not good at writing reviews, so this post is just... Continue Reading →

Incredible Floor ^_^

The internet is a great way to find incredible things if you want to look for them. Just yesterday I was looking for inspiration and ideas and I found this: A huge video game shop in Paris (Fnac at La Defense). For a lot of reasons this is incredible. This carpet gives you the illusion that it... Continue Reading →

Parametric Equations

In my last couple of months I have been fascinated by parametric curves. They are incredibly beautiful. So, I decided to show you some of my favorite ones and also a small introduction about them. Firstly, a parametric equation of a curve express the coordinates of the points of the curve as functions of a variable,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Mathematicians part 5

As promised in my last post (link here) here are the other mathematicians we have celebrated in October. Thank you for your support during this event! It means a lot to me. 1. Pierre François Verhulst born on 28th October 1804 was a mathematician and a doctor in number theory. Verhulst published in 1838 an equation,... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Mathematicians part 3

We are on 20th October and just a little over half of the mathematicians of the month are covered. Impressive the fact that in the last 11 days we are celebrating 21 mathematicians, while in 20 days we have only 18. I am really impressed by now much you like this event ( As a small... Continue Reading →

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary

I know that most of this month, so far, was more about the Mathematicians' Event and I believe sometimes it is to much, even if I love this event a lot. So I decided to do something completely new today: talk about a game. Maybe you do not know already but I am a big... Continue Reading →

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