First Week of School

School started on 15th August in Scotland and on that day I have also started my first year of Secondary Teacher. I think you can imagine how nervous I was on that day and how scared I was about everything. Now that the second week is starting tomorrow, I cannot say that I am better,... Continue Reading →


What a Mathematician should visit in Glasgow

Summer and sunny days are finally here, maybe not much in Scotland but still. I thought that this summer I will post more of this type of blog posts. To continue the mini-series (see What a Mathematician should visit - project) I will start with a city from Scotland - Glasgow. Though this is not... Continue Reading →

Cutting Pizza ~part 1~

I know, I know... Cutting Pizza (part 1) sounds a little of for mathematics, but I assure you it is way more interesting than you think it is. And firstly I have to say thank you to the person that got me into this topic recently. For this post I wanted to write some things... Continue Reading →

Inspiration for “History Facts”

The project "History Facts daily in December" is sadly finished. All the blog posts were posted just recently (last one is: History Facts to their Best). Thank you a million for all your help and support. I was very impressed by your enthusiasm on the topic, thus I will try and do things like this... Continue Reading →

Advent Calendars

You will think I am crazy talking about Maths Advent Calendars when there are less then 5 days to Christmas, but for me it makes sense. I never have time daily to check all those incredibly interesting and nice Advent Calendars and I choose on day in December ( before Christmas most of the time)... Continue Reading →

My Wish List of Books

Just found out that it is the National Book Month. I am quite a big fan of books and I totally agree with this type of activities. So, to celebrate this I thought I would tell you something more about the books I have added to my wish list in the past 2 months. Creating Symmetry:... Continue Reading →

Number Tricks

Most of the time I get extremely excited when I see number tricks or facts I didn't know before. A while ago, my reaction was: "why didn't my maths teacher learn me that?!!", but more recently I am saying: "Why didn't I know about it?!". Sometimes, I realize that even the maths teacher doesn't know... Continue Reading →

Number Facts are Back

With all my summer activities I was quite lazy for the number facts posts. I am quite sorry for those of you that were really into this posts. But in the past weeks I have tried to make time to write these number facts. So here are some interesting ones: 1. Number 27: It is the... Continue Reading →


Who doesn't love food? And math? Or math and food? Randomly looking on internet I have found some incredible images that combine food with mathematics. During the months I have collected some great images (check Delicious Math) and I wanted to talk a little about some of my favorite ones ^_^ 1. Fractal Pancakes: well, who... Continue Reading →

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