Abhirami for the Inspirational Corner

Welcome to the third post for the Inspirational Corner. Hope you enjoyed our second interview with Marie Rose Jerade. Today we have Abhirami – a tenth grader from Mumbai. We hope you will be inspired by her journey and all her enthusiasm for mathematics from such a young age.

  • What is your name? Where are you from? Give us a little background story.

My name’s Abhirami and I’m a tenth grader. I’m from Mumbai, India.



  • Out of all the subjects, why Math?

Well, first of all, its a compulsory subject till Grade 10, but we can pick it as an optional for two more years (which I will do anyway). Secondly to actually like math as a subject and acknowledge it as a beautiful one, it’s partly because of the fact that it is actually a relatable subject and partly because of my mom who taught me all the elements of math when I couldn’t attend primary school.


  • What is your opinion about all the stigma against mathematics? Where do you think it starts and how does it affect today’s generation decision regarding a career in math?

Well, in the Indian society, being good at math is considered a must (I guess its because at some point Indians did contribute a lot to math). On the other hand, I find a lot of people hating math in my school. I mean, at some point I used to like math, but then I hated it for a while until I read this amazing book called The Number Devil, which explained the intricacies of math in a very interesting manner. I have not looked back and I have been loving math ever since.

Generally, I believe it is because we tend to put pressure on people who are bad at it, as well as improper exposure to the subject. We are merely exposed to some random numbers and symbols and equations, but we have never looked beyond them to realise the potential that math has in this world. We are very rarely exposed to the history of math, about its very existence. We made math to fulfill a need – the need to keep track of things in life. But we never realise this.

  • Towards what part of mathematics do you feel more attracted to and why?

I seriously do not know! At times I like geometry, but then I like trigonometry, probability and algebra a lot. Also I must admit, arithmetic progressions and calculus have a lot in store for me (hahaha).

  • How would you counteract the negative stigma math has in our younger generation?

I would try to install a love of math in them by trying to make them understand that math is an actually beautiful subject with a lot of surprises. Sure, it may not suit everyone, but there are endless possibilities to its applications. I would explain the need of math (without it we would not be able to develop other sciences, like physics and chemistry). Math in fact is actually an abstract science, which basically means that we can explain things merely with a sheet of paper and a pen, but we can also translate them to everyday mundane instances in our lives. 🙂

  • What is your final destination career-wise?

I would like to pursue a career either in astronomy, biochemistry, or maybe a solid physics degree? In the end, I would like to pursue a teaching profession in either of these fields.

  • If you have any social media links feel free to let us know:

Check out my Instagram: @hexaflexastudies

Before you go, take a look at her images from the Instagram account. They are really beautiful and she has some great favorite quotes. Have a great day and always search for inspiration:

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Hope you liked this post. Have a great day.  If you would like to participate and be the next inspiration for our Inspirational Corner, send us an email at lthmathematics@gmail.com now. You can find us on Facebook, Tumblr,   Google+,  Twitter and Instagram. We will try to post there as often as possible.

Lots of love and don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy!

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