Harmonite – Teaching mathematics and music

By now, you should know I have been trying to post about different Kickstarter campaigns that are related to mathematics. So, today I wanted to post about an awesome project. The project I am talking about is called Harmonite: A Musical Maths Game.

For this project, the title says a lot. It is a game which fuses music and mathematics in order to reignite the passion for learning. They want to create an app that will help the user discover the artistry of maths and the language of music. The game will initially have 3 chapters/modules: one on fractions and rhythms, one on integer multiplication and musical intervals and another on graph manipulation and pitch/tempo changes, which I am most excited for. Moreover, the users do not need any prior music experience and mathematically a base level of counting and low-level addition and subtraction are assumed. The idea behind this project is quite interesting and I am quite interested in how they will present the connection between music and maths.

In addition, they plan to offer 2 ways to ‘play’ the game: a teacher-led classroom activity or a standalone game for individuals. The fact that this app will also be available for teachers with in-depth progress tracking features and assignments (with deadlines) makes me even more excited for this. I actually hope that this app could be used by the music teacher and the maths teacher equally.

Furthermore, the creators‘ passion (Ally Dowson – Maths and Science Teacher and Matt Burdynowski – Freelance Musician and Teacher) is another important aspect when it comes to anything educational. Being passionate about education and changing something in this sector is incredibly important.  With this in mind, I wanted to share their vision and their reason to start this project:

We are not happy with how maths and music are taught at secondary schools. There is too much hoop-jumping, memorising dry facts, and segmentation into small and isolated areas. At the same time, the world is changing rapidly and unpredictably, and so cross-curricular, innovative, and synthesis-oriented thinking is exactly what is needed in the marketplace, now more than ever.

We believe that there are many fascinating and surprising connections between various disciplines that are yet to be discovered. There are mentions of the Fibonacci series in ancient works on Sanskrit prosody. There are fractal structures in Cameroonian settlement architecture. There are permutations involved in the order of ringing church bells. We want to bring patterns just like these to our users, so that they can experience for themselves the wonder of how one thing might apply to another in a completely unexpected and beautiful way. We want to encourage our users to look for their own unconventional solutions in the world around them.

Absolutely incredible, show it so love on Kickstarter if you like the idea. Have a great day. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter  and  Instagram. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Lots of love and don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy!





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