2016 – You were Long

Of course last year I wrote 2016 Resolutions and I thought it was but fair to tell you how many of those things actually happened and how good I was with accomplishing my “resolutions”.

First on my list was “blog post every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday”. For the start of the year, I was incredibly good at this. But somewhere in May something went not that good for me and I wanted to Give Up. I really wanted to stop everything I was doing and just forget about it all. It took me a very long time to actually calm myself and get back to work, but I could never go back to the whole idea of  “blog post every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday”.  The good thing is that I got over it and now I am way better and quite happy with what I doing. After May, I kind of stopped posting anything for most of June and July. This was because I got married. A new Journey ahead of me and it was the most amazing and beautiful day of my life so far. After that, in August, I have started my first full-time job as a teacher.

Next on my list then was “Another blog…” , which I actually had some time to start: lthmathro. In the first half of the year, I wrote some posts and it went very good, but in the second half I did almost nothing. I think I have to redesign or organize this better because something is missing and I cannot find out exactly what. Do you know that feeling of “something is missing”, but you cannot point out what? That is exactly what is happening with me and this other blog.

Last thing on the list was “A website… I wish…”, which is still a wish. My idea is continuously evolving and gets more complex every day, but this is still a wish. At least I realised that this is not something I can do myself and that I really need someone good at web-design.

In conclusion, I was not much off my 2016 resolutions list. I cannot believe how fast this year has passed. So many things have happened and there is one BIG THING11754238_1459772461011433_1120429153874633818_n I have learnt during these 12 months: NEVER GIVE UP! There will be so many obstacles on the way and people who will say bad things about your work, but if at the end of the day that makes you happy then go with it. Also, if you know that in the end you have helped just ONE single person with your work, then it is worth it. Every single mean comment will be equal to zero if you know you have HELPED someone, you have IMPROVED someone’s life.

Also, with this post I want to thank everyone for all your support and enthusiasm over everything I am doing. I am more than thankful and I cannot believe how many great people I have met this year. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Have a great day and see you in 2017. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter and Instagram. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Lots of love and don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy!


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