Different Circles

I have not posted about an artist in a long time and I thought I should search for something new. So, I found this Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo of Novastructura, who released a series of generative digital “sculptures” that depicted carefully organized pebbles and rocks on a flat plane.  The series of sculptures is titled Stone Fields and the works were inspired in part by similar land art pieces by English sculptor Richard Long.

It is very important to understand that this project has “started from a search for a 3D – objects optimal packing algorithm over a surface, but evolved in something rather different”, as the designer states. I don’t know much about the computer science part of this project, but I got quite interested in it because of the packing problems, a class of optimization problems in mathematics. The whole idea of these problems is to pack objects together into a container as densely as possible. If you think about area, we want to cover the shape as much as possible using different other shapes. These problems are quite important and are used a lot in real life: storage and any other transportation problems. People are interested to find out how many of the same object are required to completely cover every region of the box/container. Most of the time we don’t want overlapping… of course we don’t want to see an orange mixed with another orange in a box, we just want to see 2 different oranges.

Giuseppe Randazzo did some incredible work using some ideas from this optimization problem and the “sculptures” (computer generated in 2009, actual sculptures in 2014). Here are some images:

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you know about any artist with mathematical works let me know. Have a great day. You can find me on Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, Twitter  and Instagram. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 


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