Reorganizing and Future Plans

I thought it is time for me to talk about a couple of organization things that are under development at the moment. This post will be mostly related to the Facebook pages I have at the moment and what will happen with the other social media platforms. Keep reading if you want to know more ^_^

Firstly I have to say thank you for your help and support for my page Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes (@lthmath), which has more than 16k likes and very many views daily. I will not change much on this page, but I will try and put more interesting puzzles and facts, not just jokes, comics or quotes. So be prepared for a little more history, mathematicians and general information about different topics.

Recently I have started another Facebook page Teaching Mathematics (@lthmateach). With this page I want to share more teaching related articles and ideas. It will be not just mathematics, but also general teaching tips and my journey as a teacher will be better recorded there. I will share all the websites, books, articles, magazines I will use in my teaching career. Also, from time to time I will talk about my own ideas and lesson plans. Therefore, every time I will find something worth mentioning I will.

Another page I have started recently with a friend is PsychoMath (@psycholthmath). I have not talked about this at all so far because I was not sure at first how to handle it. The page is an abomination born out of too much enthusiasm in two undergraduates of two different domains: Psychology and Mathematics. It took me a while to decide what exactly to post on this page so that it wasn’t interfering with my other 2 pages. After some brainstorms, we decided I should post about applications of mathematics in other sciences. Therefore, for this page you will see some cool Psychology and Applied Mathematics great content.

So much for Facebook, lets get to other platforms. I have started posting more on my Instagram recently: Life Through Math’s Eyes (@lthmath). This combines some day to day photos and also some great maths related images I find online. So, if you want to find out more about myself and see what I am up to on a more day to day matter, you could take a look.

Next on the photo/images social media, I have Pinterest: LThMath. This is mostly a place where I gather resources for the other platforms and I enjoy the way I can put them into categories and I always look back at what I have there. Recently I have added a Teaching category and a Math Exercises one, so take a look if you want to be up to date to my findings.

Next social media platform is one of my favorite. I have used Tumblr for quite a while and I think it is great. My page there, Life Through a Mathematician’s Eyes (@lthmath), has more than 11k followers and I totally love it. From time to time I will do some series posts such as my old Women Mathematician (in March) or Life as a Math Student (in June) or Mathematicians of October (where I have written about all the mathematicians born in October). I find them very entertaining and I will do more similar things in the future.

So far I have not been quite active on Twitter and I think this is one of those platforms which I find quite hard to use, but I will be trying my best. You can find me as LThMathematics (@lthmath) if you are a Twitter fan.

Also, I have tried to work more on my Google+ page: LThMathematics and it is quite some hard work there, too. I have to say that I enjoy their collection option and I have started 2 collections: Facts from the history of mathematics (which is my favorite so far) and           T-shirts. I am thinking about organizing more collection like this and hope you will like them.

This blog will go on as it has been for the last almost 3 years of activity and I will post as often as I can. I have to apologies for the lac of more hard maths content in the past months, but I am doing my best. Hopefully when I will get more used to my timetable things will get back to normal.

This was mostly organizational, so hopefully I did not bore you to much with this. I wanted to show you the bigger picture and to explain what I have been up to so far and a couple of things that are under development. If you have any questions or if there is something you want me to do extra let me know in the comment box bellow. Have a great day!


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