First Week of School

School started on 15th August in Scotland and on that day I have also started my first year of Secondary Teacher. I think you can imagine how nervous I was on that day and how scared I was about everything. Now that the second week is starting tomorrow, I cannot say that I am better, but it is definitely not the same feeling. In this short post I wanted to talk a little about some maths activities/things I have done in my first week of school.

Firstly, for most of my classes I have done some sort of presentation lesson in which I asked them to tell me something funny about themselves and to explain what mathematics represents for them. I had some great answers for the second question and I will write a different blog post on these.

For most of the classes, especially for the younger pupils, I have showed them the video Donald in Mathmagic Land. It is a 27-minute Donald Duck educational movie released on June 26, 1959. I think that even though it is quite old, it is a great video and shows quite a lot of the applications of mathematics in our society. As Walt Disney explained:

The cartoon is a good medium to stimulate interest. We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject.

For the senior classes I have obviously chosen a different type of video: Numb3rs. This is an American crime drama television series that ran on CBS from January 23, 2005, to March 12, 2010. The series follows FBI Special Agent Don Eppes and his brother Charlie Eppes, a college mathematics professor and prodigy who helps Don solve crimes for the FBI. The following YouTube playlist has quite a range of maths scenes from the series:

For the rest of the periods I have not done something extremely exciting, mostly revision questions and I have checked some jotters to see what they have covered before. Even though I have not done a lot of things, by the time I got to last 2 periods on Friday I almost lost my voice and my feet were hurting like hell. Funny thing is that on Friday evening when I got home I decided to take a nap, but I ended up sleeping 4 and a half hours and then another 10 hours of night sleep. You can imagine how tired I felt… ^_^

I will try and post similar posts as often as possible, but I am not 100% sure if I could do it weekly. Give me some time to get used with the new timetable and amount of work and I will get back to more maths. Thanks for understanding.

Have a great week.  You can find me on FacebookTumblrGoogle+Twitter  and Instagram. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath 


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  1. I’ve only seen snippets of Numb3rs; given my appalling lack of numeracy, all the number stuff looked like complete magic! Is there enough fun maths in the series to write a post on?


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