What can you do with a Maths Degree?

In the last couple of weeks I have been asked a lot about what exactly someone could do with a mathematics degree. I tried my best to explain how beautiful mathematics is and how rewarding it is to have a degree in maths, but then I thought that it would be a great idea to ask everyone why someone should do this degree and what they could do with it. So, I asked people on Facebook what they thought and here are a couple of answers:

  • Because it’s AWESOME
  • I’ve used mine in IT, marketing, banking, telecommunications, and teaching. So far.
  • its al depend on our interest…whether we lik maths or not…on d other hand ..dere r lot of scopes after dat smile emoticon
  • If you get a math degree, you then have tons of options to pursue in any number of subject areas.
  • Math is awesome. It is the language that flawlessly describes the patterns of nature. And it doesn’t stop there!
  • I liked math because of the flexibility. I’m interested in many different ideas and subjects. Math alows me to pursue anywhere my interests and passions take me.
  • I do mathematics for the love of knowledge and understanding what’s beyond this reality. A 6 figure salary would be nice right.
  • Think of Maths in the old fashioned all encompassing “Philosphy” terms and how it permeates everything. Then teaching Maths becomes the cornerstone of learning

A thing to mention is that those are not all the answers received, so check the page for more. I will also try and ask the same question on different other platforms and I will share the answers with you.


With all these things, I am still surprised by the fact that so many people ask me these types of questions. I feel honored that they trust me to ask them. Sometimes I am thinking at how much do I change their opinion about mathematics…. How good are my answers?… It is strange to give advice when I am still continuously learning and still I am not a master of anything. I hope that my enthusiasm on the subject gets to be transferred to as many people as possible.

Thank you for all your trust and excitement. Have a great day.  You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  WeHeartIt. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath


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