Mini-holiday in Aviemore

Today I wanted to share with you some images from my mini-holiday to Aviemore, Scotland from this week. We thought that a short holiday somewhere far away from the city would be the perfect thing after a long and a little stressful couple of months.

Aviemore is a town and tourist resort, situated within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland. The town is popular for skiing and other winter sports, and for hill-walking in the Cairngorm Mountains. Surprisingly there was snow there and people going skiing or snowboarding. We were more excited for the hill-walking and hiking than other things so we have spent 2 days doing nothing more.

First day we went to see the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd – the only free-ranging herd in Britain. There are currently around 150 reindeer in the herd, mostly ranging on the Cairngorm Mountains with the remainder on the Glenlivet Estate, the locations being some 30 miles apart. The people working there were so enthusiastic about what they were doing and gave us great explanations. I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to feed the reindeer – it felt really unique and they are so beautiful and spread so much calm around.

Next day we were hiking and hill-walking all all day – most of them in or close to the Glenmore Forest Park. We tried as many paths as we could do in the time we had. It was great: so much calm and peacefulness, so many birds and wonderful views. We will definitely go there again to check other trails and paths – it was great.

Hope you enjoyed this short post and that you had a great weekend. Have a great day. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  WeHeartIt. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath


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