Learn to be a Teacher ~part 4~

Now finally I have some time to write more for the series “Learn to be a Teacher”. If you are interested in this, don’t forget to check the previous posts: part 3, part 2 and (obviously) part 1. In those posts I try to give you an inside into the university work and the master (PGDE) I am doing at the moment at university. From now on the series will focus on some of the lessons I have been delivering in the placement schools.

I thought that I will talk about my feelings during the first week of teaching. If you remember from my previous post (part 3) I was placed into a quite prestigious private school. This comes with ups and downs, but I thought I would go through some things that happened that week.

The first week didn’t involve much teaching. In general I had just a couple of lessons more close to the end of the week. Just one teacher let me start on the Monday, she kind of let me go with my instinct because I didn’t know much about the class, their level or anything else. So, my first lesson ever was on fraction with S1 (11 years old). I was so stressed that I couldn’t properly pronounce the words correctly in the first 10 minutes. Working with the interactive board was a nightmare, I was feeling so stupid and quite useless. But the children helped me a lot, they were excited for a new teacher in the class, they liked my funny representations for fractions. When they started to ask questions I started to feel better because I had the opportunity to think of how to better explain the problems. When I finished I was so happy that things didn’t go that bad for my first lesson ever. I just wanted to do more and be better.

The whole week was a combination of excitement and me being extremely bad at using the interactive board. I was a total mess at the technological part and I felt bad about it because most of the time I get things really fast, but this was out of my league at that moment. But besides this small problem, I was so excited. Finally working with children and teaching them something felt so good. Asking them questions, receiving answers and, my favorite part, receiving questions was incredible. I had so many ideas for lessons, I wanted to do so much more, I wish I just had more time for preparing things. Teacher’s feedback during that week was quite constructive and they made me feel more confident.

When Friday came I was extremely tired, but so excited. Finishing the first week of teaching was insane. I never in my life imagined I was going to do this and it felt so good. I was so happy.


Even though I have a list of good lessons I had so far and I want to write about them, I was wondering if you would like to know more also about the not so great lessons. Also, I am thinking about writing about the stress and hard work behind all of this excitement. Let me know if you would like to read about the other side of the story.

Have a great week. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram,  and WeHeartIt, I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath~


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