Inspiration for “History Facts”

The project “History Facts daily in December” is sadly finished. All the blog posts were posted just recently (last one is: History Facts to their Best). Thank you a million for all your help and support. I was very impressed by your enthusiasm on the topic, thus I will try and do things like this more often. But this post is not about other projects or my enthusiasm. I wanted to shortly tell you what was my inspiration for this project all along. I have to confess that around 60% of the things I have posted were new for me too. I tried to make the posts fresh to me too. Everything was a learning experience for me as I believe it was for some of you. So here are the things that inspired me:

1. “Mathematics from the Birth of Number” by Jan Gullberg. This is an incredibly interesting book and I have it for a while, but it stayed there on my shelf gathering dust for approximately half a year. Now I believe it was really bad of me to let it stay there without opening it for such a long time, but now I am happy I did it. It is full of small pink post-its now ^_^


But, let us forget about me and go to the book (Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers). It is not just about history, it also has basic knowledge about the topics. Thus in some ways it could also be considered an introductory book into many maths topics. But do not expect a lot of proofs and exercises. It gives quite a lot of examples and, where needed, a lot of applications, but most of time you can just read the book without seeing anything like: “solve…”, “find this or that” or “prove that”. At the same time, I cannot say you will not need a pen/pencil and a piece of paper to do maths while reading it. For me it was a great break from the classic textbooks.

Another thing I should mention is the fact that the book has some interesting jokes and funny stories from time to time. Also the images (drawings/pictures) that come with the jokes are really good and make everything funnier. As a conclusion, it is an interesting book that I recommend it to everyone, but it has a little little drawback: you cannot carry it everywhere with you because it has 1093 A4 pages (It is Huuuge!).

2. I think some of you are expecting this, but I have to confess I have read quite a lot of Wikipedia articles too. For this I don’t feel the need to tell you more because I am sure there is no human being that uses the Internet that hasn’t heard of it.

I am sure that are many other books that could have been a better inspiration choice for a “Maths History Facts” project. I am curious to see what are your favorite books on this topic. Any recommendations are more than welcomed, so please share your favorite in the comment box bellow. I would love to know them.

Have a great week. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  WeHeartIt. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath~


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