2015 for LThMath

2015 was such an incredible year for me and LThMath ( Life Through a Mathematician’s Eye) concept. I thought about telling you what happened for me this year and with this occasion I have to thank every single one of you for absolutely everything you are doing. You are great people and I am so lucky to have met you. Thank you a million!


1. I got the great opportunity to write for the Facebook page Women in Maths. It made me realize how much I have changed during the years and how much I love what I am doing now. Here is a small quote from it:

I am not a genius and I am definitely not EXTREMELY good at mathematics, but it is the only place I feel that I belong to. So I would like everyone to see the importance and the beauty of it. I may still be a student and surely I have a lot of things to learn, but I will take my ‘dream world’ with me everywhere. I may not be able to change everyone’s concept, but I will do my best to share the world – I once thought was reserved just for myself – with as many people around me as I can.

You can check all of it here.

2. First great surprise was when I got a total of 500 likes at posts on WordPress. I have started the blog in 2011, but I haven’t written a lot in the first 2 years, approximately once very 2 months or more, but not frequently. So, in summer 2014 I decided to be more organised and write more frequently. This was the first result:

3. In June a lot of things happened: I graduated with a Master of Arts in Mathematics and (more exactly on 24th June) I got over 1000 likes on Facebook. My excitement got to a level unexpected and I did my first Give Away ever ^_^ I remember that I was in the USA at that moment at a summer school and it was the perfect moment for me. After this the number increased so much, like I never imagined it would be…

4. At the end of July I was officially a student at the master of Education at University of Aberdeen (PGDE). I got the opportunity to learn how to be a teacher and, even though it is hard work, I enjoy it and believe I have taken the right decision so far.

5. In October I started the project Maths Class Everywhere. The idea is to describe a math class from different countries in the world. Thus I am looking for people from as many countries as possible to describe their experience in math class. Everything will be anonymous and I don’t want to criticize things, just to describe and understand different countries’ concepts about teaching mathematics. So far there are people form USA, UK, Romania, India, Austria, Finland, France, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Nepal, Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam,Bangladesh, Croatia and Serbia. The survey is still open to everyone and I will make more out of it in the following year so stay tuned.


6. In November I got over 6000 followers on Tumblr after just one year and a half of posting there. The number is still rising and it is incredible… Also, in the same month I got the first post that got over 1000 notes after less than 24h since it went live:


7. In December I have finally started a monthly event on History Facts about Mathematics. It is quite some hard work, but thank you for your support and contributions to everything.


8. Lastly, but not the least – the most important of all: I have met so many incredible people which are continuously supporting me during the journey. Incredible people, beautiful mathematicians, teachers, maths lovers that comment, share their opinion and help me develop the LThMath community. Thank you all… I am happy I have met you ^_^

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy!


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