December Day in Glasgow

Yesterday, I had a day off to Glasgow. I believe I really needed this day. The last months have been quite intense for me and yesterday was a good relaxing day in many ways. So I thought I will share some of the photos I have taken yesterday in Glasgow. Enjoy…

Christmas market and fair: great food as always and quite nice attractions for everyone. Also, the Christmas decorations I have seen there are so incredibly cute ^_^

And, for some unknown reason, I got obsessed with their Christmasy reindeers:

Random things because they are always the best ^_^

In the end I wanted to share with you a paragraph from something I have written on the bus on my way back to Aberdeen:

Sometimes there are so many things happening in your life that you forget to take a moment to breath and enjoy what you have. Everyone has insecurities, everyone has their own problems… Different people, different lives, but listening to those problems and not judging, or just rambling can sometimes be so relaxing. So today I enjoyed both… The future is unknown and there are so many questions. It is so good to forget about them for a while. So strange how just one day with some old friends gives you so much energy for the next period. It is good to know that there are people that appreciate you as who you are and enjoy talking random things with you. I am not a sociable person, I don’t make friends often, I don’t care much about what others think of me. I was always like this and it is incredible for me to realize there are people that accept me as I am. I am grateful for these people and these moments. 

Thank you for your help and support. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  TwitterInstagramLettrs and WeHeartIt, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy!


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