Fun with Integrals

Sometimes integrals are hard to understand for children, especially if they don’t completely understand the practicality of them. I believe that using funny comics to explain some properties of integrals are an interesting and funny way to do it. Here are a couple of interesting comics/drawings:

  1. Understanding the connection between integration and differentiation. Understanding this connection is similar to understanding “squaring” and doing the “square root”, or “exponential” and “logarithm”. The second image represents this better, while the first one represents the differences between integrating and differentiating the same function.

1479241_1140226246006444_1120389630380912205_n 10334454_820728094622929_4361602876306753512_n

2. The connections and differences between proper and improper integrals:

10570371_907996669229404_9017394763399384961_n  3. Understanding the definition of integration:

10920949_990992837596453_5956193708536817506_n 11885270_1116376938391375_2017975272263337395_n

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