Playing with Paper Folding

Paper folding can be quite fun an recently I have done a nice project with some nice techniques. The project could work quite interesting in a geometry class or in any other 3D related shapes – class.

Firstly I will share the classic instruction sheets with you and then I will show step by step how to do it:

  1. Instruction sheets 12170730_10207809165207267_1335822785_n12170238_10207809162287194_2003581802_n11657260_10207809147286819_1138005341_n
  2. Step by step beautiful green tutorial ^_^

12171330_10207809160007137_738394393_o 12166143_10207809159167116_315909875_n 12168046_10207809157247068_365977894_n 12167428_10207809151366921_327890940_n 12170482_10207809144566751_611964952_n 12166305_10207809143246718_601417503_n 12166008_10207809142086689_392335588_n 12167116_10207809140566651_1960593441_n 12167703_10207809134646503_482964474_n 12167364_10207809132086439_1041084731_n 12170362_10207809129806382_454974393_n 12166445_10207809128046338_1256044700_n 12167968_10207809118926110_1072332089_n 12166238_10207809112885959_1382339247_n 12167049_10207809108285844_1395593772_n 12166182_10207809106205792_340823074_n

Here are a couple of things you could discuss with the children:

  1. What type of triangle do you get in step 4?
  2. What type of center of a triangle do you get in step 9? Try to talk about the important lines in a triangle and the centers; this could be a step further or a nice piece of short revision.
  3. What shape do we get in step 11? What 3D figure do we know that has faces with this shape? I believe that coming up with nice, colorful, eye-caching images would make it more interesting for the children.
  4. What shape do we get in step 16? Talk about some of its properties.
  5. Construct an icosahedron and discuss its properties. Make it colorful ^_^ I would talk a little about the history of the Platonic Solids and what they represented.

12166805_10207809257129565_2096052726_n 12167701_10207809258889609_1983431398_n

I had some fun making this and I thought about different ways to use the shape from step Z. Here are some fun utilities for it, feel free to make it as colorful as you want. Be creative.

12167846_10207809160727155_2073155431_n 12170689_10207809161807182_1209876150_n

Hope you enjoyed this post. I have never done something similar before so let me know if you enjoyed it. Also, if you are a teacher let me know if you use any of these. And if you are a parent have fun with your child making icosahedrons and decorate your house. If you want to do smaller versions they could look incredible at Christmas decorations.

Thank you for your help and support. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 


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