School and Everyday Life

This time I wanted to share with you some of things that happened lately. Summer has ended for me on 20th August when school started again. For those of you that don’t know, I am doing my masters in education for secondary school mathematics. Basically I am studding to be a math teacher. I am quite excited for the program and I will try to tell you more about my experience during this academic year, so stay tuned.

Besides this master, I have 2 jobs. One of them is in merchandising and cosmetic industry. So, once a week (approx 5 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less) I am sent into a shop to arrange some cosmetic products on their shelves and put on posters or any other necessary things. It gets to be quite interesting and I have the opportunity to find out more about those products (and sometimes I get more samples to try on, which is exciting).

The next job is tutoring. It is my favorite one I had so far and I enjoy it a lot. This year I have 4 children to tutor and I work quite a lot for it. Because I have to travel to their house it takes quite some time for a session. So, I work 4 hours a day (including travelling and extra preparations for the sessions) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I know that it doesn’t sound easy, but for me it is incredibly fun and I love it. I enjoy every time my children ask me questions, or when I see the concentration on their face when they do a problem, or their excitement when they know how to solve it. I am extremely amused when I see that they don’t want to do any mathematics, but they have to and I try to show them something funny or ask them about their teacher or classmates and then we start working. I believe that when I chose to do this job, it was the best thing I have done after choosing to study in Scotland.

I have no idea why I wanted to share all these things with you. When I started writing I thought I will just show you some beautiful photos from my day trip to Glasgow, but things escalated. So, here are some photos from my small trip, just in case:

11949489_10207532091760604_1581432943643910083_n 11999048_10207532091280592_535966925465654695_n11986320_10207532095400695_1637241212459366836_n 11986993_10207532094920683_3641654201697776367_n 11998798_10207532092760629_5396941453927885502_nI hope I didn’t bore you to much with my rambling post today. Also, if you would like to see more posts about my job (maybe specific parts about it, more mathematical of course) or about the masters I am doing, let me know.

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend. Thank you for your support. Hope you are all having fun this summer. Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 

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