Going Home – Romania

For the past weeks I have been home to Romania, this is why I posted so little on WordPress and I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Sometimes going home means I use less internet and stay more with my family, especially now when I live so far away. So I thought that it would interesting to share some photos, places, food and things I have done home. Enjoy ^_^

First I always love to take photos in the plane or train ^_^ My traveling from Aberdeen, Scotland to my hometown in Romania involved quite a lot of transportation: plane, train and car. Here are some photos:


One of the things I love most home is the food and it’s not only my mother’s or grandmother’s ( I don’t count them because their food is always the best for me). Also, I love to eat in more traditional restaurants or that have a garden vibe to them. I have special food photos to make you all hungry ^_^

11139379_10207352400468434_5771165617016887444_n 11822748_10207233539176976_5938418070045134943_n11822501_10207233539416982_2935180295810038895_n  11909679_10207454687265540_1609368223_n 11935199_10207454689305591_271690741_n 11949725_10207454691345642_1859415458_n

Another big part of staying in Romania is gardening. As a child I was raised mostly by my grandparents and their garden was my playground. I don’t want to say I know how to work properly in a garden, but I love being there and helping as much as I can. Also, it is the place when I extremely relaxed ^_^

11218787_10207246380858010_6913405489270638205_n 11796268_10207246380417999_5084566358580261339_n

11811444_10207246379937987_7072893962476643846_n 11825147_10207246379777983_3991480906784665840_n11822324_10207246382258045_6331593912199646656_nAlso, garden without animals is a NO!

11218917_1474625376192808_6316917241928950948_n  11811439_1474625346192811_9203160247864561009_n  11923339_10207454813068685_1675416838_n 11796463_10207257960347490_6722248584811370529_n11904646_1474625309526148_47374510381811697_n

Now on the more traditional part, I thought that it would be interesting to show you some traditional costumes, materials and other things. I find them so incredibly beautiful, but I am sure every country has its unique beautiful costumes and here are some from Romania:
11863296_1477912872530725_838333217025969136_n11949288_10207454835749252_7881771254338023557_n  11889492_1477912785864067_7866089700857451314_n   11873721_1477912765864069_2820288194400722046_n11895978_1477912812530731_7363583539673962905_n 16983_10207454836149262_7422580201613292273_n

Hope you enjoyed this inside into Romania ^_^ Let me know if you have visited it, or if you are from Romania what is your favorite thing about it? Some time ago, I written a post about visiting Bucharest: What a Mathematician should visit in Bucharest? or check my magazine: MathTravel.

Thank you for your support.Hope you are all having fun this summer, don’t forget to check my Facebook event: Mathematics and Summer ^_^ Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 

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  1. I have visited some places in western Romania: Dumbrava (where my husband’s father was born), Făget, and Timișoara. I liked them very much and would love to return. I really liked all the pictures in this post. Thank you so much for sharing your culture and pictures!


  2. Thank you for sharing about your home country. I always find your posts to be so informative (I’m a homeschooling mom) and though this one was not math-related, it was still enjoyable.

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