3rd Week at PCMI

One week later for this post, but I had some work this week because we are moving flats. But it was great fun ^_^ Anyway, let’s get back to the last week at PCMI (2nd week, 1st week):

14th day (Saturday 11th July): It’s weekend and I was completely relaxed. Don’t expect many things happening… Just walked around and enjoyed some quality time with myself. Spent some time in the ‘crater‘ (hot spot) and enjoyed my 1st lemon meringue. This is what weekends are supposed to be.

11010287_10207091764272692_8182179078148665515_n 11707660_10207091764632701_5465436094664606764_n 11745920_10207091765232716_8874074383734159030_n

15th day (Sunday 12th July): Visited something close by (Jordanelle State Park), relaxed and started another book (Bio-Strike – Tom Clancy’s Power Plays). Moreover, I found that the draft for my project is fine, nothing major to modify and I was quite excited for this. So, hope that all of you enjoyed the weekend.

16992_10207091765392720_5727416423030411072_n 11693952_10207091766592750_8885397496044669058_n 11703375_10207091767952784_4113033020466249677_n 11709668_10207091769152814_7409709301390816777_n 11745348_10207091765832731_4189469249398662309_n

16th day (Monday 13th July): well, the last week has started and I was not in the mood for photos. Because is the last week all the lectures are more advanced (obviously) and everyone is doing/correcting their projects right now (including myself). I do believe that most of us look like the image with the ducklings below. Thus, nothing much to talk about. Have a great week.


17th day (Tuesday 14th July): project finished… !!! That is everything and the most important thing that happened that day and I am quite happy about it.


18th day (Wednesday 15th July): I started to be extremely excited for going home. It’s not like I don’t like it in here, but I miss home so much… In the afternoon I went to the High West distillery. I don’t know much about whiskey, but still it was interesting. Also it was great to find out about the differences between the American and Scottish distilleries.

11169490_10207160785198172_7839971896362632505_n 11760222_10207160784958166_8952973523690897588_n

19th (Thursday 16th July): this was (for me) the last day at the resort… So I just walked around, had a good relaxing day, went to the lectures as normal and enjoyed a nice dinner with everyone. Also, I participated for the 1st time at a karaoke… Didn’t have the courage to sing, but it was extremely funny.

11760170_10207160785398177_4766012008221450168_n 10514628_10207160785718185_2800671325802828390_n

20th day (Friday 17th July): flying back to Aberdeen ^_^


Hope you are all having fun this summer, don’t forget to check my Facebook event: Mathematics and Summer ^_^ Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 


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