1st Week of PCMI

I am participating in a summer school on “Geometry of moduli spaces and representation theory”, which is organized by PCMI – Park City Math Institute. Moreover, all the participants stay at Zermatt Resort where we also have our lectures and tutorials.  So here are some daily summaries, enjoy ^_^

1st day (Sunday 28th June): travelling… Incredibly long journey, but I could watch movies (Hugo was my favorite of the ones I saw), listen to music or radio, good food but when I arrived in salt lake city I was exhausted. I left Aberdeen at 6am and arrived at Zermatt resort at 21:00 (local hour). Also, when I left Aberdeen it was raining and cold and in Salt Lake City were more than 20C.

11390055_1448391052149574_1260352738833672231_n 11692763_1448391072149572_1926169825258524816_n

2nd day (Monday 29th June): I got so overwhelmed with the Resort, it is incredibly beautiful. The room I am staying looks incredible, I walked around a little and took some photos, but I feel they don’t show all the beauty here.  Also, I have started the lectures and workshops and it seems challenging at first, as expected.

11119758_10206999084955767_2051411726_n 11657296_10206999086555807_357002470_n 11713600_10206999086235799_521758821_n

3rd day (Tuesday 30th June): this is the day when I got to focus more on lectures and I also got the topic for my individual project (I have to present a problem/mini topic as a list of questions for someone that doesn’t know much about the topic), which I find quite challenging because I am completely new to the subject. But after a long day thinking about it and stressing, I decided to just go mini-hiking (it was such a great idea).

11652169_10206993518216602_426839910_n IMG_20150701_035749

4th day (Wednesday 1st July): this was probably not my best day, I got a little angry on myself. It is probably not something I really want to talk about it. But, I believe that everyone has this feeling from time to time. Also, I didn’t do much: mostly stayed in my room and reading ( and hoping that I understand what I read). I was quite depressed at some point and nothing made me feel better.

IMG_20150630_032520 New Imagehy

5th day (Thursday 2nd July): a little more excitement also because my problem stars to get a solution, nothing to extravagant and I am still far from the answer, but seems that I am on the right track. But more than studying I haven’t done much. Discoveries: USA paper is smaller and the food (in general) is sweeter than I expected.

New Image New Imagehj

6th day (Friday 3rd July): this day has a huge 3D-shapes written on it. So in between our normal courses we had a 4D courses with great images and explanations, but with it came some great 3D shapes and also a nice workshop were I had to download Rhinoceros5 and started learning how to use it, hopeful by the end of these 3 weeks I will have some 3D shape printed by me.

11716968_10207034313276453_1052671043_n New ImageyhNew Imageuyreet 7th day (Saturday 4th of July): we participated in the parade. I’ve never before participated in something like this. I was quite nervous in the morning, but it was more fun than expected. We had T-shirts with the PCMI logo, great posters and figures. We shouted/sang a lot of things: “2,4,6,8 even numbers are great”, ” M-A-T-H, math” or ‘Give me the square root of -1″ and many more. It was great. ^_^

11714531_10207034310076373_1058589920_n  11720528_10207034309756365_1602704466_n IMG_20150703_234324 IMG_20150704_173827 P1000600

Hope you are all having fun this summer, don’t forget to check my Facebook event: Mathematics and Summer ^_^ Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 

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  1. Hi!
    I have been selected for pcmi USS 2016 and happened to read your blog. I had a couple of things to ask. I was wondering if we could correspond through email?


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