Edinburgh for one Day

This week I went to see Edinburgh. It was a short one day visit just to show my little sister the city (if you want to see more photos you can check Ioana LThMath). I enjoyed the day and we spent some quality time together, which doesn’t happen often because she lives in Romania and me in Scotland. We didn’t have a big time-table in mind, just a couple of places we really wanted to see together.

The 1st thing we wanted to see was the Edinburgh Castle. The building is quite impressive from the outside and inside. Even if they told us that 2 hours are fine for visiting it, we spent more than 3 but it was quite interesting. The War Memorial impressed us the most. Here are a couple of photos:

DSCF6643 DSCF6669 DSCF6679 Next we had to go at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. We had so much fun, us and the children. Every floor has something unique from basic illusions to more interesting and scientific ones. A lot of lights and mirrors that make it a great experience. My advice: try everything and take lots of photos.

DSCF6706 kijhuijko

And we had to go the The Elephant House, because ‘once a Harry Potter fan, always a Harry Potter fan’. For the ones that don’t know, this is the cafe where J.K.Rowling has written (most of) the HP books. Advice: when you go to the toilet take your camera ^_^

DSCF6827 New Imagerye

Let me know which is your favorite location in Edinburgh and also what I should visit next time I go there ^_^. Also, you can add me on Facebook (Ioana LThMath) if you want to see more photos, or if you want to share other things with me.

Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 

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