Letters for You

A while ago I have written this post World Post Day, where I have shared some of my letters. Thus, I have decided to write another letter related post and also to encourage you to use the application Lettrs. They have changed the way you understand nowadays letters and even if you feel that letters on a mobile app is really not interesting and boring you will be surprised by what you can find there and what people share online. Also, for more traditional letters there is an option where you can properly send the letters by post ( I haven’t tried it yet, but I would totally love to do it soon). Moreover, you can write private letters (just for you and your penpal) or you can send them my email. And they have great fonts, backgrounds and stamps. If you think this is the app for you, then maybe you will find some time to check my profile: LThMathematics and we could be penpals. I would love to write to you like this.

Here are some of my old and new letters, enjoy:

1603501_10206810282515824_356899070_o 11122126_10206809774583126_1971518627_o 11351840_10206810279875758_454651557_o 11354440_10206810289916009_1443667191_o 11414829_10206810288755980_1137519131_o 11422874_10206810284355870_651742853_o

Let me know which one is your favorite letter. Also this is the 1st app I am writting about from my series of app reviews/opinion posts. Be patient because a lot of math related apps are coming soon.

Thank you for your help and support. Thank you for reading. You can find me on FacebookTumblr, Google+,  TwitterInstagram and Lettrs, I will try to post there as often as possible. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! 


2 thoughts on “Letters for You

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  1. I enjoyed all the letters. All of them had a personal element, like they were written just for me. My favorite was on how to deal with a bad mark in math. Unfortunately I don’t have a smart phone so I’ll be missing out on these letters in the future.


    1. Thank you for kind comment ^_^ Reading your comment I realized that I could make some posts like this from time to time with my letters. I write them when I feel like it and sometimes they end up quite personal…


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