1st Conference

I have been saying for a long time that I would tell you what happened to this ‘magic’ conference, and here it is: the resume for my 1st presentation at a conference.

First of all Tomorrow Mathematicians of Today Conference is organized by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (London) and it took place in York. The registration was ending before Christmas, thus after my exams finished I have spent a little writing a 200 word abstract to send them. I really wanted to present my dissertation idea (The Evolution of Cryptology from a Mathematical Point of View) and I wrote the following:

During my last year of study I am doing a project in Cryptology to emphasize the importance
it has to our evolving society. Cryptology is composed of cryptography – the study of techniques that handle securing communications; and cryptanalysis the study of different techniques to intercept hidden aspects of communication systems. The project emphasizes the mathematics behind these concepts, focusing on number theory and its applications. Moreover it presents the development of this subject throughout history starting with the Caesar cipher symmetric key system (a good application of modular arithmetic), going through the importance and development the WWs have done to this domain (focusing on understanding more about what the Enigma machine meant to our society from a mathematical point of view) and also understanding the huge evolution it went through in the era of computers (explaining how electronic poker game is in fact an application of the exponential cipher) and finally understanding public-key cryptography. In conclusion, cryptology is the key that lets us communicate from one end of the world to another, it allows us to exchange anything from messages to photos and even money; and all of these has mathematics behind it.

After this I have forgot about it (as I normally do with everything I apply to ^_^ ) and it was a big surprise to me that they accepted me to talk ( I have talked about this in A Surprise ). Then it was just booking a hotel room, the rain and preparing. Doing my presentation was really fun and I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted to say. Moreover, everyone around me was extremely excited for me and I have to say ‘THANK YOU!!!’ for everyone that gave me even a small advice, it meant the world to me. 

On Friday the 20th we (me and my boyfriend) had the train to York. I enjoyed the viewing a lot, and 5 hours passed really fast. I just had some time to revise things for the presentation and watch one episode from a favorite TV show. The city is veeeeryyy beautiful. Unfortunately I was so excited I did not take any photos (so silly of me and unusual because I always take photos of everything). We had a little bit of problem finding the hotel (obviously, if you ask me ^_^ ) , but everything was ok in the end. We had a great lunch+dinner and decided that staying in the hotel room and watching some TV shows would be a good idea. Buuuuuuuuttt, it wasn’t like I imagined. At some point I decided I want to read something for the presentation and my nerves cracked: I was so stressed and I panicked ( I was convinced I didn’t know a thing and that everything was going to be very bad). I didn’t expect it to be that bad and it took me a lot of time to calm down, but in the end I could go to sleep.

The morning of the Conference: breakfast was nonexistent and now the adventures start. We had some problems finding the building. There was almost not a single person in the campus, we new the name of the building and we checked Google maps, but it took us ages ( 1 hour ) to find the place. Moreover, the people around didn’t know a thing, or just didn’t want to talk with us at all, which I have found very rude and annoying. But we arrived there and I didn’t have to present until 14:45, so everything good.

At the conference I had some time to go and see some of the other presentations: Lets make it quantum: an introduction to and an application of quantum computing ( interesting, but a little to much information at the beginning, I would have liked to see more about the application in cryptology he presented), Teaching Mathematics from the Outside (very interactive talk; the speaker has the same concepts as myself about this topic and I felt to good hearing them from someone else; my boyfriend had a nice remark about this: ” here is another crazy person, just like you” ), Keeping Secrets: Information Security by Visual Secret Sharing ( a very interesting presentation of visual cryptography, the method, which uses matrices, was presented nicely and he had extra applications with funny photo coding) and Combinatorial Riemann-Roch, chip-firing games and the discrete logarithm in cryptography (I believe this was one of the most documented presentation, it had a lot of new references in the end, and the information was new to me so I enjoyed it a lot). And them my presentation when almost perfect (as expected), the only problem was that I talked to fast ( veery very fast, 25 minutes became 15-17 minutes ^_^ ), but it was good. For the 1st time I think it went really well ^_^ . As a whole the Conference was good and interesting; it was a great experience. Now I would have more courage to apply for other things like this, and present more. The only proper photo I took is the one of the building where the conference took place:

IMG_20150221_155507 After the conference, we had a good dinner ( with chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream as desert) and the train back to Aberdeen ( another 5 hours of our favorite TV show). Back home, I had some time to take some photos of the things they offered:

IMG_20150224_224055 IMG_20150224_224546These are just normal things that you receive at a conference, but I like a lot the sigma for Math Society. And the second photo is a selection of british mathematics (1865-2015) – I will write a post about this soon because I find very interesting.

In the end, I wanted to say that I have tried (more than properly succeeded) to record what I have said at the conference. But my computer is not very good with sound, and I recorded everything with no proper microphone (just what my laptop has) and it sounds not as good as i wanted, so I recommend using some good headphones. But here is my presentation:

Thank you for your help and support. All your help means a lot to me. Thank you for reading. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this where I tell you about some of my most important events. Thank you! You can find me on Facebook, Tumblr,  Google+,   Twitter  and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy the week! ^_^ 


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