February Favorites

OMG!!! I cannot believe that in February I have posted just 4 times 😦 I am so sorry everyone for this inconvenience, but this month was terrible for me. I had extra work to do for university, I have finished my dissertation project, I participated at Tomorrow’s Mathematicians Today Conference, and my time-table is horror. But, I tried a lot to write as much as possible. It was easier to post on Facebook or Tumblr (check them out). Even if I haven’t posted often, I looked around for math-related things, thus here are my favorite things for this month:

1. Favorite quote(s): I have 2 quotes this month, both of them are a little controversial, but I enjoy them a lot.

quote-anyone-who-cannot-cope-with-mathematics-is-not-fully-human-at-best-he-is-a-tolerable-subhuman-who-robert-a-heinlein-236312 10897960_993762780652792_2577459486356312954_n The first one uses the word ‘subhuman’ in a little extreme way, but still the idea of the quote is interesting. The second as a whole is strange, due to the fact that to understand some complicated problems we need to use mathematics that might be abstract or not extremely easy. But, in general, I believe Gudder is right, and that mathematics is the way to make complicated problems ( from physics, chemistry or engineering) more manageable.

2. Favorite video(s): I think that this is the first time when I have 2 videos for you ( being proud now ^_^ ). The first one is about mathematics which reveals patterns in our sex lives and Dr Clio Cresswell shares her insight into it all. In the second one Leonardo Barichello explains the probability involved in a game.

3. Favorite art: As you have observed from my previous posts, my favorite artist this month is Ashley Zelinskie. Here are just 2 of her objects that I like a lot:

download GoldenRatioII[6.5]

4. Favorite book: I don’t have a favorite book (as I think you expected), but I have a favorite article, which I have talked about in the post Hunger Games and Mathematics. The post is inspired from the paper “Mathematics and The Hunger Games” by Michael A. Lewis. I found the article extremely interesting, and I would like to find and read this kind of articles more often. I think they are very important to show the importance of mathematics and the links it has with our society.

5. Favorite blogs/pages/people: as i have decided last month, I made a small list of persons/blogs that I enjoyed this month.

I would like you to let me know in the comment box bellow of any of your favorite ones because I would totally love to see them, follow them and read what they post. 

These are my favorite things for February. Enjoy the month of March ^_^ I will do my best to write more and I have some projects this month, so be prepared. Moreover, I will post as soon as possible about my experience at the Conference. ^_^

Thank you for your help and support. Enjoy the Sunday. Thank you for reading. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,   Twitter  and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!


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