Winter Holiday

Just before submitting my dissertation (when everything was 99% ready) I had to have a small holiday. This period was extremely stressful for me and not even Christmas was not 100% relaxing due to my project, thus this 3 days holiday was so welcome. As I have done in summer, I decided to share with you some of the photos (this time you will find maths together with just landscapes and buildings ^_^ ).

Me and my boyfriend decided to visit some friends in Glasgow . Unfortunately the weather was our friend, but we have snow, rain, wind and ice all together ( expect this weather in January in Scotland ^_^ ). Though, I have some nice photos of the city:

IMG_20150116_142243_20150124193939395 IMG_20150116_152059_20150124193841667

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Due to this incredible weather, we decided that inside was better (obviously), thus we have spent a lot of quality time just playing games (card games), talking and eating chocolate:

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Even if the weather did not let us do much, we had to go and see the University of Glasgow :

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An afternoon was spent in Riverside Museum, having fun with their interactive displays, and also I had to find maths related displays ^_^ :

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In the small time we had between rainfalls we took a look at the Botanical Garden, and I fell in love with this little ferns. They are such nice representations of the mathematical concept of spiral, that I could not take my eyes from them.

Share from Pixlr (1) Share from Pixlr (12) Share from Pixlr (15) And the most mathematical place was left for the end ^_^. We took a look in Scotland Street School Museum. The building did not impress me at all, and the interior was a little creepy if you ask me personally (especially some of the drawings with children), but the information I have found inside about how mathematics was taught is awesome. I have seen interesting old books, practical tests and more:

Share from Pixlr (3) Share from Pixlr (4)Share from Pixlr (5) Share from PixlrShare from Pixlr (10)Share from Pixlr (7) Share from Pixlr (8)Share from Pixlr (9)Let  me know what you did in your winter holiday, also if you had visited any of the above places share with me your thoughts. Hope you liked this short post. Enjoy the rest of the week.Thank you for reading. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,   Twitter  and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere even in your Holiday! ^_^ 


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