December Favorites

December is my favorite month of all and I always get super excited. Unfortunately the university changed its academic calendar and I had my exams this month and it didn’t make things happier, but I had the opportunity to enjoy Christmas more. As you can observe I am posting this a little before the end of December, but this is just because there will be a year favorites or review at the beginning of January, so stay tuned.

1. My favorite quote – I have found it on Goodreads after I made an account and looked around to see what the site was offering. (If you want to share books, reviews or anything related with me on this site, you can find me as Lthmath)

“Reductio ad absurdum, which Euclid loved so much, is one of a mathematician’s finest weapons. It is a far finer gambit than any chess play: a chess player may offer the sacrifice of a pawn or even a piece, but a mathematician offers the game.” by G.H. Hardy

2. Favorite video – unfortunately this time I didn’t have that much time watching videos due to exams and Christmas period, but I have something that is related to a channel on YouTube : Vihart  (which is a must see channel and videos). And this is a collaboration between her and Nicky Case : Parable of the Polygons – a Playable Post on the Shape of Society , a great way to teach / learn about society using some funny games (that involve some maths). I totally recommend taking a look and playing around.

3. Favorite art and maths inspiration – during this period anything that had Christmas on it was a perfect thing for me. But when it came to maths, my art favorite is not that much Christmas related. This time I have a favorite painter that painted using a lot of geometric shapes: Wassily Kandinsky.

New Skitch

4. Again I don’t really have a favorite book, but I have a favorite magazine Imaginaire is a magazine that puts together short stories or poems that have mathematics in them. They are maths related, but are fictional. I was used with non-fictional maths books, that when I found this I thought it is an incredible idea. This is their 4th edition and it is really good, I am planning on reading all the other issues, too. Give them some support, because I feel like this is such a great thing, but needs a lot of work and dedication. Enjoy!

So, this is it for December. Hope you like it. Let me know some of your favorite things, they don’t have to be math related, anything is welcomed. Any feedback is appreciated so use the like and share buttons and also comment below with your favorites, too.

Hope you had a great Christmas and that you are ready for New Years Eve. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day. Thanks for support and understanding. Also thank you for following me!! You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,   Twitter  and  Instagram. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!

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