So, Christmas is over. It went to fast, like blinked and it finished. Hope you like my small posts Christmas related, but I feel that maths needs to come back to this blog. I enjoy writing about other things, but my favorite thing is still writing about maths related things. So, for this post I have prepared a game for you.

For this game I was just looking around Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes I find incredible good things there and I like to try them in my tutoring sessions and some of the games I try myself (a little boring, but hey! still fun). This time I will try this game with my boyfriend in our free time together (I will let you know on Twitter how he reacted ^_^ ). Here is the photo I have found:

200d5a13bc260e1f2324cee5cb9b8268It is challenging not even for children, but it is great for parents, too. Also, I have recommended this to one of my tutee’s mother to do during the winter holiday and I have already received positive feedback from her: she enjoys it as much as her daughter.  Also, to show you how fun it can be I have prepared some tips and tricks for it:

200d5a13bc260e1f2324cee5cb9b8268sdgdfIf you want to make this game more interesting and it gets to that point where there are not that many free spaces, the following rules can be applied:

– If there is only one place available to occupy, you are not allowed to pass.

– If you cannot find a free place to occupy, you lose your turn.

I hope this makes the game a little more interesting. Also, the one I am going to play is the bigger one I have done.

New SkitchtuLet me know if you would like to play this type of game. I would like to make like a board game version of it. I find it really fun and enjoying.

Enjoy your week. Thank you for your support. You can find me on FacebookTumblrGoogle+,  Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!


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