Wassily Kandinsky

These days, more exactly on 15th December, I saw the new doodle at Google and I thought that it is incredibly wonderful. It just showed me a lot of geometric constructions in just a small image and I thought that it must be math related or geometry and art related. They were celebrating Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky’s 148th birthday.

New SkitchI tried to find more about the geometry hiden into this picture, but I could find much. For my surprise it seems he is

the first painter to produce purely abstract works, used color as an expression of emotion, often likening the process of painting to composing music.

He studied law and economics, so I am presuming he did some mathematics in economics, but I don’t know how much geometry. His life was a hard one I am sure, living in a period of War (WWI and WWII) and moving from one country to the other (Russia, Germany, France), but all of his paintings are wonderful (so sad that 57 were confiscated by the Nazis and destroyed). For more information you can read: Wassily Kandinsky’s 148 Birthday: Why is the Painter being Celebrated in a Google Doodle? and Wikipedia

I am still extremely impressed by the amount of geometric shapes in them, and the combination. If the picture above didn’t convince you about my feeling I would like to show you more:

I am not good at art, and I have no idea about the styles or any other thing. So if you know more and you can help me understand the abundance of geometry in his paintings I would be grateful. I like them very much and they give me a sense of relief and calmness I find very hard in paintings. Let me know how you feel about them and any further information about him would be wonderful. 

Enjoy your week before Christmas. Thank you for your support. You can find me on Facebook , TumblrGoogle+,  Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget that maths is everywhere!


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  1. I don’t know much about art, but I really like these works too. As an artist myself I know that you can use shapes and edges of shapes much the same way you can use colors to create and direct emotion. Circles and curves create much different feelings than sharp angles and triangles feel different than squares. The other reason artists might use geometric shapes is to move the viewer’s eye around the art. Notice how you tend to look upwards of those arrow-type lines in that bottom painting, then at the top there is another triangular shape that points you right back down. You then scan back and forth discovering more nuances each time.


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